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Amy, Sonic Riders.
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Amy Rose in the present.

Amy Rose is Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend and love interest. She has chased after him for ages and tried many attempts to get Sonic to notice her.


Early LifeEdit

Amy suddenly met Sonic the Hedgehog and developed a crush on him. She also became friends with Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna and enemies with Dr. Eggman.

Trying to help SonicEdit

One day, Sonic was imprisoned by G.U.N. for stealing a Chaos Emerald and put in prison on Prison Island. Horrified by this and seeing a chance to get Sonic to notice her, Amy snuck aboard the Tornado 3 and Tails unintentionally brought her with him to Prison Island. However, when he got there, she found him and hugged him when she realized this was actually a black hedgehog working with Eggman. She fled, only to be cornered by Eggman's Egg Walker. Tails then saved her in the Cyclone, before leaving her to rescue Sonic on his own, but Amy continued to free Sonic and escaped the island with him and Tails.

Suddenly, Amy noticed that half of the moon was gone due to Eggman destroying it with the Eclipse Cannon. They then fled the police, when Amy realized they were after her too, so she ran after Tails. She then puzzled at the thought of Eggman taking the six Chaos Emeralds into outer space, when Knuckles emerged from the Aquatic Mine. She then angrily watched as Tails left her and Knuckles behind as he raced in the Cyclone down Route 101. She then saw Eggman go into a pyramid with Rouge. They showed Tails and Sonic and they managed to defeat the Egg Golem and make their way into space.

However, Knuckles crashed their shuttle on the Space Colony ARK, and Amy was enraged by Sonic and Tails leaving her behind. Suddenly, Eggman appeared from the roof and kidnapped her. He then shot Sonic into space, telling Amy to take care of herself. She sadly watched as Sonic died, and then as Tails defeated Eggman. However, Sonic was still alive and as they were moping he called them and they watched as he damaged the Eclipse Cannon.

However, the ARK began to fall toward the Earth due to Eggman inserting the last Chaos Emerald and Gerald revealed Earth would die in revenge for the death of his granddaughter Maria Robotnik. They left her when trying to stop the ARK, but Amy suddenly noticed Shadow watching as the ARK fell. She then reminded him of his true promise to Maria, making him sacrifice himself as Super Shadow to save the Earth. She then noticed Sonic reading one of Gerald's files, before they headed back to Earth.

Chasing Sonic with helpEdit

Having not been in contact with Sonic for over a month, Amy finds a newspaper stating that Sonic kidnapped a Chao and frog at Seaside Hill when it blows out of her hand. Cream the Rabbit and he friend Cheese the Chao then catch it and they are caught by Big the Cat. She learns that Cream is looking for Cheese's brother Chocola-Chao and Big has lost Froggy again. They then team up, forming Team Rose and improvising their Flower Festival move. At the Ocean Palace, they find Eggman in the Egg Hawk. Thinking he controlled Sonic to steal Froggy and Chocola, they defeat him, but he escapes.

Amy then sees an opportunity for Sonic to notice her and makes her way into Grand Metropolis in the hopes of defeating Eggman first. They then find Sonic at the Power Plant, but he beats her and escapes into the Casino Park, so they chase after him. They then defeat Eggman's Robot Carnival and chase him to the Bullet Station, where they defeat the Egg Albatross. However, to Amy's enragement, it's a copy and Froggy and Chocola are gone. They then race away.

At the heart of the Frog Forest, they met Team Chaotix and Amy temporaily thought Vector wanted a date with her. They battled, and eventually made it to the Hang Castle, defeated Eggman's Robot Storm and boarded the Egg Fleet. They then made it to the Final Fortress and defeated the Egg Emperor. It melted away, revealing it to be fake, but Froggy and Chocola emerged from it and were reunited with Big and Cheese. Amy then saw Sonic and chased after him. Prior to this time, they recovered the Yellow and Purple Chaos Emeralds.

However, they later saw Neo Metal Sonic transforming, who had been imposing Eggman to copy their data and had pretended to be Sonic to replicate the data of the water god Chaos. Amy, Big and Cream held Metal Madness off until Team Super Sonic defeat Metal Overlord. She then chases Sonic and Tails.

A SonEdit

Amy comes to Emerald Beach to catch Sonic, but he runs away. She then finds his Emerl robot and assumes herself Emerl's mother. However, Rouge takes Emerl off her, trying to turn him into a master robot thief. She then tells Tails, who runs off to tell Sonic. She then chases Rouge and Emerl to Club Rouge, where she is beat up. She eventually catches them at Central City, but loses once again. However, she comes back, when she is beaten again with Sonic. She then faints, but manages to catch Rouge and Emerl with Sonic at a building. She then decides to personally be Emerl's mother.

She reads from her tallop cards that Sonic's with Tails and chases him. She chases him, but Tails reminds her that Eggman is after him, but she instead chases them to Emerald Beach. He runs away, making Amy realize he wants her to protect Emerl from Eggman to make up for letting Rouge kidnap Emerl. She then finds Emerl attacking an E-121 Phi. She beats Emerl and Phi up for talking trash and then destroys the Phi. Emerl finds an Emerald Shard inside the Phi and another one. Amy then realizes that if she can collect all the Chaos Emeralds for Emerl, Sonic might accept her as his wife, so when Emerl wants to play, she takes him home.

There, they meet Cream and Cheese, who become friends with Emerl. When Amy says that Sonic got Emerl just to start raising a family, Cream doesn't think it's the case. However, she runs away when they mention boxercise, and Emerl beats her up... twice! However, Emerl goes outside and when he comes back, Amy has worked herself so hard she needs rest. She then makes Cream and Cheese fight too. After this, it was revealed she was wearing weights on her arms! Emerl then beats them again when Amy gives up. Emerl detects a Chaos Emerald and at the Crossing, they encounter Chaos Gamma, and she mistakes it for Gamma. They beat it and it runs away.

They then make it to Night Babylon, although Amy doesn't want to go. They then find another Phi and beat it twice. They take the Emerald Shards and then head to Club Rouge, where Rouge fights them. Amy and Emerl beat her and she decides to see if Emerl can beat her without using any special attacks and he does. They learn that Shadow is there and leave. They then put the Emerald Shards together to make a Chaos Emerald and increase Emerl's skill points. Amy tries to get Sonic to marry her, by he tricks her by saying to close her eyes while he kisses her and he instead runs away. Amy also was worried that Sonic didn't come with Emerl and Knuckles and saddened when he died.

The RescuerEdit

One day, Cream went into Eggman's Cryptic Castle base and didn't come back out. Shadow arrived and helped her get in. However, when they found Cream, Cheese wasn't anywhere to be found. Amy and Shadow made their way to the center, where they found Cheese in a room full of Chao and returned him to Amy. She later assisted him in defeating the Egg Breaker. She later tried to help stop the Black Arms, but was frozen by Black Doom's gas. Omega freed them and they escaped the Black Comet before Super Shadow destroyed it and Amy knew Shadow was still alive as she told Rouge.

A new FriendEdit

Amy finds Sonic at Soleanna, but she soon realizes this is truly Silver the Hedgehog. Due to her making him miss someone, she decides to help him, despite his protests. Amy and Silver made it through the Dusty Desert, but when they returned to Soleanna, she learned that the person he was looking for was Sonic and he was planning to kill him and leaves his side after protecting Sonic.

Later, she sneaks into Eggman's White Acropolis base looking for Sonic, only to find he has already been sent to the future. She runs away, and manages to help Elise back to Soleanna before the Egg Gunners spot them. She gives her "dating advice" before staying behind while she returns to her palace.

Later, Mephiles kills Sonic and merges with Iblis, recreating Solaris and plunging the world into darkness and sucking Knuckles, Tails and Amy into the End of the World. Amy showed the most sadness at Sonic's death when Silver came up with the plan of using the Chaos Emeralds to revive Sonic and destroy Solaris. Amy went with them and retrieved the Blue Chaos Emerald from White Acropolis, then watched as Super Sonic destroyed Solaris with Super Shadow and Super Silver. She also may have become friends with Silver and Elise permanently, despite the time reversion.

A piece of cardEdit

After this, Amy somehow ends up in the future where she is turned into a card by Eggman Nega, and then it becomes Sonic's goal to retrieve this card. He forgets about her, but remembers when Nega is about to fit her card into the camera and make her energy to turn the entire planet into a card. He manages to rescue her and she assumes this is just a fact that Sonic wants to marry her, but Sonic ditches it by going after Eggman Nega's other cards.

A RacerEdit

Amy enters the EX World Grand Prix to "keep her eyes on Sonic", but ends up losing to Wave. She then tries to stop Eggman from getting the treasure of Babylon Garden, but also ends up getting captured. She then becomes enraged when Sonic dives into Eggman knowing she's there and tries to hit him with her Piko Piko Hammer, but ends up getting forgotten when the Babylon Guardian awakens. She splits with the others after this.

Amy later finds an Ark of the Cosmos and the MeteoTech robots run after her, trying to retrieve it. She then works with Team Sonic to find the creator of MeteoTech, when Storm stops her and she loses Sonic. She then hands her Ark over when SCR-HD arrives. He explodes and Storm takes it's Ark. They then head to the Gigan Rocks.

Amy journeyed with them to Crimson Tower, where Eggman lost his Arks and a black hole threatened to eat the planet. They managed to defeat Master Core: ABIS and destroy the black hole, and Amy wondered if the reason people started wishing on shooting stars was the Babylonians wishing they could go home.

Lady of the LakeEdit

Amy has an Aurthurian look-alike called Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, who aided Sonic through his adventures. However, the real Amy confronted Sonic, saying his story was just an excuse for him missing their date.

Racing with FriendsEdit

Amy hires Vector to help her race in the World Grand Prix, so she can race Sonic. They defeated Team Heroes first, but Amy claims Sonic just let her win. After the Babylon Rouges lose, they face Team Dark. However, due to E-10000B breaking down, they need to do the three on two race and win, with Amy forgetting to pay Vector and going after Sonic.

Pursuing Sonic in SpaceEdit

Amy comes to the Aquarium Park and meets up with Sonic, wanting to see him in action and gives him a time mission. She then passes out, but Sonic runs away with Tails following.

She later helps Big try to find Froggy, with her looking for Sonic. When they find him, they make him collect 200 Rings and she decides to go on a date of a picnic, not realizing they're in Eggman's base.

Pursuing Two SonicsEdit

Amy is at Sonic's 16th Birthday when the Time Eater sucks them into the past. She gets pulled into the Chemical Plant when Knuckles and Rouge fly into her. She is rescued by Classic Sonic and wonders why he looks younger. She later appears with Knuckles cheering both Sonics on (knocks him into a tree when he claims Sonic wasn't half bad) and is last seen coversing with Cream, Cheese, Modern Tails and Classic Tails.


Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Sonic is Amy's love. She even tried pretendedly threatening to keep him in prison in Sonic Adventure 2, but hates him for leaving her behind.

Sonic XEdit

In Season 1, Amy was riding in the Tornado 2 with Tails when they were shot down, but saved by Knuckles. They then watched as Chaos Control sent them to Earth. They get split up and is partnered with Knuckles until Missile Wrist's rampage in Station Square. She lives with the others at Chris' until Season 2, where she lives all by herself in Station Square without knowing where Sonic is. She follows the Sonic Adventure adaption where she is kidnapped by E-100 "Zero" Alpha and freed by Gamma. She goes home with everyone else when they learn that the portals containing their universes are merging and will only stop if they leave.

However, Sonic accidently stays behind. After he destroys the Grand Egg Imperial, she finds him and cries when he gives her a rose. In Season 3, she goes even further to win Sonic's heart by coming with him on the Blue Typhoon and trying to trap him with a potion that would make them close. She then tried to rescue him on an Egg Cruiser, but it gets wrecked and she falls in too. Sonic also cares more about Amy than before.

Theme SongsEdit

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