20px This is Scorpion Troop's Hot Shot. Enemy movement has been detected. En route to intercept and destroy. 20px
Hot Shot's pilot about to face Shadow.
B-3x Hot Shot is a Military Fighter used by G.U.N. to try to stop Shadow after he was released from suspended animation, but ultimatly failed.

The Hot Shot is a mechanical walker with a machine gun, missile launchers, and a lock-on plasma cannon. It is also capable of hovering. Its main weak-point is the cockpit, requiring four strikes to the cockpit to defeat it. Hot Shot also resembles its Hero story equivalent Big Foot although Bigfoot lacks the lock on cannon that its counterparts possess, making Hot Shot slightly more dangerous.


  • This is Scorpion Troop's Hot Shot. The enemy is stronger than expected. Request additional support. - Hot Shot's pilot after being hit three times.
  • He is too strong! - Hot Shot's pilot after being defeated.
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