Chaos Control is the main ability of Shadow the Hedgehog, which mainly comes in the form of energy generated by Chaos Emeralds


Although Shadow the Hedgehog is the first user of Chaos Control in Sonic Adventure 2, the oldest user of Chaos Control is Black Doom, having used it to warp the Sky Troops into the Glyphic Canyon. It was designed by Gerald Robotnik to only work with Shadow, but everyone else is able to use it.


Shadow the HedgehogEdit

The very first user of Chaos Control, who first used it in Sonic Adventure 2 to flee from a fight with Sonic. He then used it to teleport himself and Rouge off Prison Island before it exploded. He later used it as main abilities in other games, such as Shadow the Hedgehog to become invincible and tear through enemies, in Sonic Heroes to power Team Dark's Chaos Inferno and in Sonic the Hedgehog to warp through time. In Sonic X, he was shown to be able to use the energy of a fake Chaos Emerald to induce a Chaos Control, but it shattered after use.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

In the Hero Story of Sonic Adventure 2, he uses a fake Chaos Emerald to induce a Chaos Control and save himself from certain death. Super Sonic also uses this ability to warp the Space Colony ARK away from Earth and then in the final boss of the Dark Story of Shadow the Hedgehog. He also uses it in a combination with Shadow and Silver's to warp through time.


The Biolizard also used Chaos Control once to warp onto the Eclipse Cannon and transform into the FinalHazard.

Metal SonicEdit

After copying Shadow and Sonic's data and using parts of Eggman's Final Fortress tower to transform into Metal Overlord, Metal Sonic was able to use Chaos Control to freeze time for ten seconds around Team Super Sonic.

Emerl the GizoidEdit

After copying it from Shadow, Emerl was able to use Chaos Control to warp himself to Eggman's Death Egg.

Dr. EggmanEdit

Although he cannot use this ability on his own, Eggman used a machine to induce a Chaos Control in episode 1 in Sonic X.

Black DoomEdit

The leader of the Black Arms, Black Doom, is the oldest user of Chaos Control. He used it to teleport Shadow into other locations on Earth and later to perfom a massive Chaos Control to warp the Black Comet to Earth's surface. He finally used it to merge with the comet to transform into Devil Doom.

Silver the HedgehogEdit

Silver is a future hedgehog who can induce Chaos Control, once to merge with Shadow's and later Sonic's before he nearly used it to warp Blaze away. It was finally used to allow Silver to transform into Super Silver. Silver may no longer be able to use this ability, although he was able to use a Psychic Control in Sonic Rivals 2.

Blaze the CatEdit

Blaze only used it once in Sonic the Hedgehog to trap herself and Iblis in another dimension.
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