The Chaos Emeralds are ancient weapons used by the Echidnas for over 4000 years. They are jewels powered by Chaos Energy, a magical power capable of creating a powerful super transformation, power machines, warp time and space, show visions, perform rituals and even restore life to the dead. Because of this, most villains go after them to fuel their own evil ambitions while the heroes go after them to keep them safe from evil and use them for good, where positive emotions are stronger to use Chaos Energy than negative emotions.


The Chaos Emeralds have been the target of Dr. Eggman for years, hoping he can use them to power his doomsday weapons. However, they are always thwarted by Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic Adventure 2Edit

The White Chaos Emerald is somehow obtained by Dr. Eggman, who uses it to resurrect Shadow, and the Green Chaos Emerald was put in a bank, but it was stolen by Shadow soon after his release. G.U.N. gets ahold of the other four and the Blue one is given to Rouge the Bat, who later gives it to Eggman. The three remaining are taken by Rouge on Prison Island, and are used by Shadow to teleport them to Space Colony ARK. They are then used to fuel the Eclipse Cannon and blow up half of the moon. The last remaining Yellow Chaos Emerald was given to Tails after he saved Station Square from Eggman's missile attack and used to power his Tornado 3 and Cyclone machines. Eventually, it is taken by Eggman and all of them cause the ARK to fall toward the Earth.

Knuckles uses the Master Emerald to shut them off and they are lastly used by Sonic and Shadow to become Super Sonic and Super Shadow and defeat the FinalHazard.

Sonic HeroesEdit

The Chaos Emeralds are recovered one by one by each of the teams, the Blue Chaos Emerald was recovered by Team Sonic, the Green and White Chaos Emeralds were recovered by Team Dark, the Yellow and Purple Chaos Emeralds were recovered by Team Rose and the Red and Cyan Chaos Emeralds were recovered by Team Chaotix. All of them are given to Team Sonic and then used to become Team Super Sonic and defeat Metal Overlord.

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

The Chaos Emeralds are revealed to be the reason why Black Doom took part in Project: Shadow, to gain them for a plan of his own, warp the Black Comet to the surface and use the humans as a fuel source for the Black Arms.

Shadow retrieves the Chaos Emeralds, hoping he can regain his past with them. The Green, Blue and Yellow Chaos Emeralds are found in Westopolis. The Blue and Green Chaos Emeralds are found by Shadow, while the Yellow Chaos Emerald is found by Doom's Eye. However, Shadow defeats the Black Bull and takes it before he is warped into the Glyphic Canyon. The White and Purple Chaos Emeralds are somehow taken up by Eggman, who uses them to power his Egg Breakers. The White one was flung into the Circus Park after Shadow defeated the Egg Breaker in Cryptic Castle, where it was found by Tails and used to power his Tornado 3. It was shot down by Eggman's defenses and Shadow wrecked it, taking the Chaos Emerald inside.

The Purple Chaos Emerald was immediatly taken by Shadow after he defeated the Egg Breaker in the Iron Jungle. The Cyan Chaos Emerald was uncovered by Sonic and used to power his spaceship until Shadow stole it. The Red Chaos Emerald was used to increase Black Doom's powers, but Shadow defeated him and took it, when all of them were taken by Black Doom and he used them to do his plan and charge the comet to full power. Eventually, they were left behind when he became Devil Doom and are lastly used by Shadow to become Super Shadow.

Sonic BattleEdit

The Chaos Emeralds are revealed to also work as power sources for Emerl. He begins to collect them up until his transformation to Ultimate Emerl. Throughout the game they are shattered and then used to fuel Eggman's Phi robots and Chaos Gamma. However, they are all taken and reunited into full Chaos Emeralds. When Emerl goes out of control and Sonic is forced to destroy him, the emeralds are shattered again, but are once again reunited.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006Edit

Only six of the Chaos Emeralds appeared in the full storyline. The Green Chaos Emerald was found by Shadow and Rouge in Crisis City, and later used with the Cyan Chaos Emerald to send them home while Shadow stayed in the future to battle Mephiles. Rouge later gave this emerald to Omega and he brought it to Shadow in the future, but it was taken by Mephiles after their final battle. The Blue Chaos Emerald was found by Eggman's first Egg Genesis and used it as a power source until it was destroyed by Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat, who used the emerald themselves until Silver went back in time to the past. He gave it to the younger Elise, who used it as a lucky charm until ten years later, where she gave it to Sonic when she was kidnapped by Eggman. He gave it to him to get Elise back, only for them to be sent to the future. Eggman then used it to locate the Red Chaos Emerald, while Silver obtained the White Chaos Emerald in the past. Sonic gave his Cyan Chaos Emerald to Silver before he left to change Elise's fate, where both were used to seal Iblis in Blaze's soul. The Yellow Chaos Emerald was found by Mephiles in the Dusty Desert, where he used it to turn the battlefield into darkness and then to create an army of clones, only for him to drop them when he warped away using Dark Chaos Control to avoid Shadow's Chaos Blast. The Purple Chaos Emerald was then found by Mephiles, who used it to teleport to the future to decieve Silver, blind Sonic and Elise so he can kill Sonic and then to warp all the Chaos Emeralds to his time and location to become Solaris.

WIth time running out, Tails, Omega, Knuckles, Silver, Rouge, Amy and Shadow collect all the Chaos Emeralds and Elise uses the positive emotions of all the others, even Eggman, to transfer the hopes and dreams into Sonic's lifeless body and revive him, transforming him into Super Sonic. Sonic then shares his power with Shadow and Silver, transforming them into Super Shadow and Super Silver, who destroy Solaris in the past, present and future.

Sonic Rivals 2Edit

Prior to this time, Metal Sonic somehow harnessed the Green Chaos Emerald and used it as a fuel source. Eggman Nega then thirsly hired Rouge to retrieve them in order the revive a super-dimensional being called the Ifrit. She got ahold of six of them, but Eggman Nega took them and due to Metal Sonic being there at the time, the portal opened and Metal Sonic 3.0 awakened the Ifrit. However, it was defeated by Silver, Shadow, Metal Sonic and Espio. The last Chaos Emerald is then used by Shadow to warp out of the Chaotic Inferno Zone.

Sonic RidersEdit

The Babylonians were revealed to have connnections with the Chaos Emeralds, as their power allowed Jet to unlock his control box and awaken Babylon Garden.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark BrotherhoodEdit

The Nocturnus Clan takes all the Chaos Emeralds and Ix gives them to the colonies around the Twilight Cage. The Red Chaos Emerald is given to the Kron, the Cyan Chaos Emerald is given to the Zoah, the Blue Chaos Emerald is given to the N'rrgal and the Pink and Yellow Chaos Emeralds are transformed into Great Emeralds by the Overmind. Tha last two are kept on the Nocturne and after retrieving them all, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Big and Cream retrieve the sixth from Charyb and the last one is taken from Scylla by Knuckles, Shade, Shadow, Rouge and Omega. Sonic uses them to become Super Sonic and defeat Super Ix.

Sonic ColorsEdit

The Chaos Emeralds are used by Sonic to become Super Sonic and fight the Nega-Mother Wisp.

Sonic GenerationsEdit

The Chaos Emeralds somehow end up in the White Space, where they are found by certain characters. The Purple Chaos Emerald is found by Metal Sonic, the Green Chaos Emerald was found by Classic Eggman, the Yellow Chaos Emerald is found by Shadow, the Blue Chaos Emerald is found by Chaos, which somehow mutates him into Perfect Chaos, the Grey Chaos Emerald is found by Silver and the Cyan Chaos Emerald is uncovered by Modern Eggman. The Red Chaos Emerald is left floating powerless in space where it repels the Time Eater. Eventually, Classic and Modern Sonic retrieve all of them and they are used to become Classic and Modern Super Sonic and destroy the Time Eater.

Sonic XEdit

Season 1Edit

In Sonic X, Eggman tries to make an invincible energy amplifier, only to have Chaos Control send them to Earth. The Chaos Emeralds are needed in order for them to go back to their own planet. The Green Chaos Emerald is buried in Station Square which causes mechanical devices to backfire and it is soon found by Chris and Eggman. Eventually, Chris gets the emerald back and Tails uses it to power his X-Tornado ship. In episode 10, the Cyan Chaos Emerald is found in Diamond Stadium, but Eggman takes it. The Thrid Chaos Emerald, the yellow one, is buried near a ranch. However after they dig it up, Eggman ambushes them with his E-35 Funfun and takes it, later using both Chaos Emeralds to power his E-18 Guerra-Hard, but Sonic defeats it and takes the emeralds.

The Blue Chaos Emerald is later found in a shipwreck, where it is found by Sonic's team. Knuckles is searching for the Chaos Emeralds without stopping, eventually finding the Red Chaos Emerald. After a fight with Hawk, E-91 Lady Ninja and Rouge the Bat, Knuckles eventually keeps the emerald. The Purple Chaos Emerald is made into a ring by Nelson Thorndyke, but later stolen by Eggman. Eggman later tricks Knuckles and Chris into handing over all five of their Chaos Emeralds, while the White Chaos Emerald is found by his robot E-77 Lucky. However, Lucky betrays Eggman and hands his Chaos Emerald to Sonic and so Eggman transforms his Egg Fort II into the E-99 Eggsterminator. Eventually, all the Chaos Emeralds come together and Super Sonic destroys the Eggsterminator.

Season 2Edit

In Season 2, they play a more piviotal role, starting in the Sonic Adventure adaption, where Eggman first feeds the Yellow Chaos Emerald stolen from Cream to transform Chaos into Chaos 1, then the Red Chaos Emerald to transform Chaos 1 into Chaos 2. Tails has also collected the Green Chaos Emerald, and he and Sonic discover the Blue Chaos Emerald. However, Chaos 2 eats them both, transforming into Chaos 4. Froggy eats the Purple Chaos Emerald and is driven insane, while the Cyan Chaos Emerald comes into the posession of Lily. Eggman takes them both and transforms Chaos 4 into Chaos 6, as well as absorbing his tail back from Froggy. Sonic and Knuckles then defeat Chaos 6 and Knuckles takes the 6 Chaos Emeralds. Prior to this time, Tails used the last Chaos Emerald to power the X-Tornado and Chris finds it after the Egg Carrier battle. Chaos then takes the seven Chaos Emeralds, transforming into Perfect Chaos and draining them of their power. The Purple Chaos Emerald is found by Tikal, the Yellow Chaos Emerald is found by Cream, the Blue Chaos Emerald is found by Amy, Lily, Beta and Gamma's Flickies. The Red Chaos Emerald is found by Knuckles, while the Cyan Chaos Emerald is found by Eggman and Chris finds the White Chaos Emerald. Sonic then uses them to become Super Sonic and defeat Perfect Chaos. They also play a role in the Sonic Adventure 2 adaption.

In the Sonic Battle adaption, the Red Chaos Emerald is put out on as the reward for the battle tournament, which Emerl later absorbs to become Ultimate Emerl. Sonic's team uncovers five Chaos Emeralds, and then the last two are discovered by Sonic (Red and Blue), where Chuck and Tails use them to send Sonic's team home. Sonic causes Chaos Control himself by becoming Super Sonic and teleporting home.

Season 3Edit

In Season 3, Dark Oak tries to take them from Sonic, but he scatters them around space and keeps them safe from evil's reach. Sonic dicovers the Blue Chaos Emerald on Sekko, and the Green Chaos Emerald on an unnamed jungle planet. Eggman somehow gets ahold of the Red Chaos Emerald and uses it to power his Crimson Egg, then Shadow takes the Purple Chaos Emerald from a Metarex. Tails and Cosmo find the White Chaos Emerald being used in a Metarex manufacturing plant and take it, then Eggman finds the last two Chaos Emeralds on a Metarex fortress. Eventually, Sonic and Shadow break into a fight as Super Sonic and Super Shadow which scatters the Chaos Emeralds again.

After this, Pale Bay Leaf retrieves the Red Chaos Emerald, some aliens retrieve the Cyan Chaos Emerald and Eggman finds the White Chaos Emerald in a base on Cascade. Eventually, all of the Chaos Emeralds fall into the posession of Dark Oak, who uses them as light to become Final Nova. Shadow and Sonic lastly use them to become Super Sonic and Super Shadow, defeating Dark Oak and killing him.


Their colours can change. In the main games they are Green, Cyan, Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple, and White. In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, they are Red, two Cyan, Pink, Yellow, Purple and Orange.

Artificial EmeraldsEdit

In Sonic Adventure 2, Tails created a fake Chaos Emerald by studying the real emerald, giving it the same wavelink and properties, but less powerful. Sonic then proved it could be used to induce a Chaos Control, but it's fate is unknown after Sonic and Shadow's battle, as it is confirmed that Sonic didn't destroy the Eclipse Cannon. In Sonic X, the Metarex create fake Chaos Emeralds by manufacturing them using the White Chaos Emerald. One was used to power a Metarex in episode 55, but was then discovered by Rouge to be fake, so she shattered it in anger. Another was when Tails and Cosmo found them doing this. Sonic also uses them to become Dark Sonic, and later Dark Super Sonic. Shadow and Rouge also found a fake White Chaos Emerald in episode 72 and Shadow used a fake one to get back aboard the Blue Typhoon in episode 73. After their use, they become fragile and useless, but Tails' didn't.


  • The Chaos Emeralds are not unbreakable, as shown in Sonic Battle, where they are broken and used to power Eggman's E-121 Phi robots.
  • Just one Chaos Emerald supplies a lot of power. In episode 13, when Sonic was fighting E-18 Guerra-Hard, he got two Chaos Emeralds and became invincible, despite the other Chaos Emeralds not being there. Also, Mephiles was able to transform a battlefield into darkness with just one Chaos Emerald and created an army of clones with just two Chaos Emeralds.
  • The Chaos Emeralds can be enhanced. In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, the Overmind transformed the Pink and Yellow Chaos Emeralds into Great Emeralds, and in the earlier game Sonic 3 and Knuckles, they were transformed into Super Emeralds.
  • When causing a super transformation, the emeralds usually surrounds the users in a circle and starts rotating around him/her, before being absorbed.
  • In a Sonic Colors beta voice clip, Dr. Eggman revealed that Chaos Emeralds are less powerful than the alien creatures known as Wisps.
  • This may mean that Dr. Eggman has apparently lost an interest in them after discovering this, as he has not bothered with collecting them in the aforementioned game or Sonic Generations, despite the Wisps being nowhere in the latter (unless one counts Planet Wisp).
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