City Escape is the first stage in the hero story and Sonic's first stage. It takes place in Central City with Sonic attempting to escape G.U.N. and it's theme is Escape from the City.


Sonic is trying to escape from G.U.N., who are accusing him of stealing a Chaos Emerald from a national bank.

Stage LayoutEdit

City Escape has regular gameplay, as well as a brief boarding section in the beginning. The stage starts out with Sonic riding down hills using a board, similar to Extreme Gear. When Sonic gets off the board, he is introduced to Omachao, a guide that helps you throughout the levels. Than after fighting many enemies, and going down rails, Sonic is chased by a G.U.N truck, chasing him to the end of the level.

Downtown RaceEdit

Downtown Race is a 2-player stage in Sonic Adventure 2. Downtown Race is City Escape covered in snow. No enemies appear, though the usual cars are still there. There are also walls blocking the path. The Downtown Race is a race through City Escape on Boards.


The upgrade in this stage is the Magic Hands, found shortly after running down the side of a building. Sonic must already possess both the Bounce Bracelet and the Flame Ring to access it. When used, an enemy in close range to Sonic will be captured in a small ball, effectively destroying it. The ball can then be thrown at other enemies to destroy them.


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