Dig is a move used by Knuckles the Echidna, Rouge the Bat, Tikal the Echidna, and Chaos. It is a move where the user digs into the ground to find buried items.


When performing Dig, the user begins digging into whatever surface that can be dug into, such as grass, soft dirt and stone, and then disappears into the said surface. After a short while, the user emerges and can sometimes bring buried objects with them back up, such as item boxes containing rings, extra lives, different types of shields or even invincibility or Power Sneaker power-ups. Mostly however, the Dig move is primarily used to find the hidden Emerald Shards in each stage. This move can be performed while standing, climbing or gliding.


Sonic Adventure 2Edit

Dig first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2, where it was used by Knuckles and Rouge.In order for them to perform it, they must each possess a certain upgrade; Knuckles must obtain the Shovel Claws while Rouge must obtain the Pick Nails.

It also serves the purpose to find Master Emerald shards and other items hidden underground. In this game however, it is possible for the user to dig into the wall they were climbing on and find hidden rooms and passageways if they are digging the right place. To perform Dig, the player can select Dig in the action window or press the B button while in the air or climbing.

In the remake, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Tikal and Chaos 0 were included as additional character in the game's 2-player mode's Treasure Hunt Race. Due to this, both Tikal and Chaos can perform Dig by default to find hidden Master Emerald Shards, since they are not a part of the main game and therefore do not need an upgrade to perform Dig.

Sonic GenerationsEdit

The Dig move also made a cameo in Sonic Generations, in the mission "Knuckles: Buried Treasure", where Knuckles uses Dig to find the golden medals that Sonic locates.

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