Dry Lagoon is the second level in the dark story and Rouge's first stage in Sonic Adventure 2. The stage is similar to Knuckles' level in the Hero Story, which is Wild Canyon


Rouge tries to steal the Master Emerald from Angel Island. Knuckles, the guardian of the Emerald, tries to stops her. In the mist of their arguing, Dr. Eggman arrives and steals the Emerald. To prevent the Master Emerald being in the wrong hands, Knuckles breaks the Emerald into pieces. After more bickering with Knuckles, Rouge leaves to collect some Master Emerald shards.


The area is in the desert close by Eggman's secret base, a pyramid, and there is much water in this stage. The lagoon is home to many wild life including two giant tortoises. Rouge can rescue one use it to get to the other part of the zone, while the other can be used to get to a secret area under water.

These ruins have a mysterious wind cycle and secret walls to dig through when once Rouge discovers the upgrade Pick Nails.

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