The Egg Golem is a giant animated stone statue created by Dr. Eggman to stop intruders if they make it into his base.


Eggman called upon the Egg Golem to stop Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy from heading toward the Space Colony ARK. However, Sonic bested it and the Egg Golem attacked Eggman instead. Eggman then used the Egg Walker to destroy it. It then became disabled and sunk into quicksand.

Sonic XEdit

In Threat From Outer Space, Bokkun calls upon the Egg Golem using a controller. It kidnaps Topaz, but Cream gets ahold of the controller and it releases Topaz, attacking Bokkun and chasing him out. In Maria's Request, Everyone's Request, it is disabled on the pyramid base with Bokkun standing on it's head. This means Bokkun was able to defeat it somehow and render it useless.


  • Sonic screams "Teriaaaaa!" as he finishes off Egg Golem. (Possibly a slight reference to Shadow's original name Terios).
  • The Egg Golem is the only boss in Sonic Adventure 2 to have the word Egg in its name.
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