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'Sonic Adventure 2 dark side trailer.

The Eggman Empire is a great empire constructed by Dr. Eggman. It is his goal throughout the series, but isn't created.


Eggman first tried to create the Eggman Empire in Sonic Adventure 2, by using his grandfather's old Eclipse Cannon to force the people of Earth into surrending to him. Also, in his broadcast, the words Robotnik Empire appear with Eggman Empire. However, he failed when his own grandfather tricked him.

He tried again in Shadow the Hedgehog, where he tried to stop the Black Arms from destroying everything, as it would leave nothing left for him to conquer. He also tried to do this in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity by taking all the Arks of the Cosmos to create Eggmanland. However, he failed yet again when Sonic and Jet took them.

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, he finally completed the Eggman Empire when he tricked Sonic and his friends. He helped them until Angel Island crashed into his former headquaters, Metropolis. He then created a ship called the Cyclone and stayed behind, knowing that time flowage in the Twilight Cage is slower in their dimension. In the intevering years, he created his empire, but it was again destroyed after they returned in an untold story.

He seems to have given up on this goal after this, as he didn't try in Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, although he wanted to own the world. Also, in the Egg Dragoon battle, they are in Eggmanland, indicating that Eggman once successfully built it.


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