20px Spider Troop's Big Foot reporting to head quaters! Intruder has been located! 20px
Big Foot's pilot before taking on Sonic.
F-61 Big Foot was a robot used by G.U.N. to try to stop Sonic from escaping after he was framed for stealing a Chaos Emerald. However, he defeated it.

The Bigfoot is a mechanical walker with has a machine gun and missile launchers. It is also capable of hovering. Its main weak-point is the cockpit. It requires four strikes to the cockpit to defeat it.


Big Foot has two main weapons, a machine gun (Gatling Gun) and missiles (Hot Shot and Flying Dog also have these weapons, but also have a lock-on plasma cannon equipped with them).


  • This is Spider Troop's Big Foot! Big Foot to head quaters, over! We've engaged the enemy and request back-up! - Big Foot's pilot after being hit three times.
  • What?!For just one hedgehog?! - Big Foot's pilot after being defeated.
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