Gun Hunters are robots created by the military organization G.U.N. They appear as enemies in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Generations.

Sonic Adventure 2Edit

Gun Hunters first appear right after Sonic exits the boarding part of City Escape. They usually stay curled up on the ground when turned off, but when Sonic approaches, they rise to their full height and begin shooting at Sonic. A homing attack is the easiest way to destroy them. Because of their height and the fact that they hold their gun like a handgun, Gun Hunters have partially poor accuracy, making them easy to destroy, however, some fire trap shots that can catch Sonic. Some variations of the Gun Hunter have laser blasters instead of semi-auto guns, while others also carry a riot shield along with a gun and can only be hit when they drop their shield to attack.

Sonic GenerationsEdit

Gun Hunters return in City Escape, but have a complete redesign. They have much more realistic feet, bigger shoulders, carry jetpacks, don't have a shut down position, and hold their weapon like a minigun. They now have a much slower fire rate, and their weapon can be seen charging before firing. They appear in both acts of City Escape to attack Sonic, due to the fact that both Modern and Classic Sonic are the same Sonic. Like all other enemies in the modern games, Hunters are now blown back by modern Sonic's homing attacks, and in the park just before the big loop, one Hunter can even be slammed into another Hunter if hit just right.

Sonic XEdit

Similar robots appear in Sonic X, but are called Laser Hunters instead. One attacks Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe on their first attack on Prison Island, but Eggman raises his shields and stops the attack, blasting it with the Eggmobile's cannons and destroying it.

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