20px You saved us all. Thanks to that ring on you wrist, you overpowered our enemies! 20px
Dr. Eggman, Mission Match Up.

Inhibitor Rings (also known as limiter rings) are golden rings created by Professor Gerald Robotnik to keep Shadow's energy level at full compacity.


They were created by Gerald Robotnik and equipped on Shadow the Hedgehog to keep his energy level at full compacity. They also were made to unleash Shadow's full potential if removed.

50 years later, they were removed when Shadow fell to Earth. They were then found by Sonic the Hedgehog and given to Rouge the Bat. When she found Shadow in Dr. Eggman's base, she returned them to him. He also removed them to unleash a Chaos Boost/Chaos Blast combo on Mephiles.

Sonic XEdit

In Sonic X, Super Shadow removes his limiter rings and unleashes a massive Chaos Control that causes him to fall. Sonic then brings one of them to Christopher Thorndyke and he keeps it while the other one was destroyed. In Station Break-In, Chris returned them to Shadow and they allowed him to save the Crimson Egg by overpowering the Metarex. Shadow removes them again to destroy Dark Oak and the corrupted Planet Egg.

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