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Knuckles the Echidna.

Knuckles the Echidna is a treasure hunter and guardian of the Master Emerald. He is serious, only wanting to guard the Master Emerald from anything that could harm it or focus on restoring it. This is his main goal thoughout the game, where it is either stolen or shattered, and Knuckles tries to recover or restore it.


Early LifeEdit

Knuckles was born on Angel Island, always guarding the Master Emerald. He made friends with Sonic, Tails and Amy and became enemies with Dr. Eggman.

Aiding the EarthEdit

Rouge the Bat one day tried to steal the Master Emerald, but Knuckles tried to stop her, when Eggman himself took it. Knuckles then shattered it, going after it's pieces to restore it. He got the first three in Wild Canyon, and then retrieved the next three in Pumpkin Hill while Sonic was imprisoned in Prison Island. He then retrieved the last three pieces in the Aquatic Mine, but got lost and appeared in the sewer of Central City, in front of Tails and Amy.

He then guided them to a desert, where Eggman's base lied. After they entered it, Knuckles was made to retrieve three keys. After he defeated King Boom Boo, Eggman arrived and unleashed his Egg Golem. Sonic made it attack Eggman while they boarded a rocket and went to the ARK. However, the cockpit flung open and the Master Emerald's pieces flew up into space and Knuckles went after them. He defeated Rouge and not only saved her, but got all the Master Emerald's pieces and restored it. He then watched as Sonic warped back onto the ARK using Chaos Control and rushing to dunk his Artificial Chaos Emerald into the core of the Eclipse Cannon.

Later, the ARK began to fall to the Earth and they made an alliance with Eggman to stop the ARK. They used the Master Emerald to drain the Chaos Emeralds of their power. However, the Biolizard linked with the colony to keep it on it's colision course. Super Sonic and Super Shadow then defeated the FinalHazard and stopped the colony, restoring peace. Knuckles asked Rouge if she was going after the emeralds again, but Rouge said she was going after something better than jewels to go after. Knuckles then returned to Earth with everyone.

Fighting Eggman hand-by-handEdit

Knuckles then rode with Tails in the Tornado 2 to catch up to Sonic and inform him of a letter that Eggman had a new "ultimate weapon" that would be ready in three days. They eventually defeated the Egg Albatross at the Rail Canyon, but it was revealed to be a counterfit to allow Eggman to launch his Egg Fleet. Knuckles ran after the enraged Sonic and in Frog Forest, they were encountered by Team Dark. Knuckles was enraged by the fact that Rouge wanted to take care of Eggman themselves and they defeated them, boarding an Egg Fleet ship as it left the Hang Castle.

They then defeated the Egg Emperor and used the cannons of the Final Fortress to blow the fleet apart. Knuckles tried to tease Sonic by telling him that without him and Tails he wouldn't have had a chance, but Sonic suprisingly agreed. Knuckles then was granted a Super Shield to fight Metal Overlord. After they defeated him, Knuckles chased after Rouge, who was going after the Master Emerald again.

Black InvadersEdit

Knuckles tried to destroy the Black Arms in the Glyphic Canyon, save Central City and later teamed up with Shadow on the Black Comet. They settled a score with Sonic and Diablon before Knuckles left them to defeat the leader of the Black Arms while he destroyed the comet with his own two hands.

However, he left this to try to stop Black Doom, but he was the first to be frozen with his gas and left helpless, but Omega freed them and they escaped the comet before Super Shadow destroyed it. He chased after Eggman, thinking he was going to go after the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald again. After this, he returned to his duty of guarding the Master Emerald.

A new RivalEdit

Knuckles found a Chaos Emerald, but it was taken from him by Emerl, who became his rival. Later, he found out about Emerl and decided to train him to make him stronger. After Emerl bested him, they heard anews report that a mysterious robot had appeared in Night Babylon and Tails assumed it was the fake Emerl. Knuckles and Emerl then left for Night Babylon. At Amy's House, Knuckles explained that Sonic wasn't there and then left, running into Chaos Gamma who Knuckles mistook for Gamma. After Knuckles defeated it, he came back and they defeated him again. He disappeared and Rouge revealed this was really a robot with parts based on Gamma's.

In Night Babylon, they reach a bar and the owner of the bar mistakes Emerl for Phi and has their Guard Robo attack him. After Knuckles beats it, Knuckles leaves Emerl and when he comes back, Emerl is gone. He alone defeats a Guard Robo and then three more at a hotel. He then finds Emerl at Club Rouge after he defeats Rouge. They suddenly find Phi beating a Store Clerk. They then get and Emerald Shard and another one. Rouge gives them another emerald shard and they return to Emerald Town, where Tails is ashamed of Knuckles.

At Emerald Beach, Knuckles battles Emerl, and Emerl defeats him. Eggman then shows up and learns that Emerl doesn't recognise him. After they defeat Phi #4, taking it's Emerald Shard. They chase Eggman into Central City, where they defeat Phi #5. They take it's Emerald Shard and Knuckles calls Emerl his "partner". They chase him to the Gimee Shelter, where Knuckles is immobilized by a trap. Emerl then defeats Chaos Gamma after Eggman accidently reveals his Final Egg Blaster. After this fight, Gamma comes back and and Emerl defeats him again. Emerl then makes Knuckles punch a switch which causes the immobility to be neutralized.

They then leave Gimee Shelter and go back to Emerald Town, where Tails joins the Emerald Shards together to make a whole Chaos Emerald. Knuckles tries to tell Emerl to keep the fact that Knuckles got tricked by Eggman a secret, but Emerl tells Tails, and then Sonic. Knuckles then attacks Emerl angrily, later returning to the alter.

Suddenly, as the Death Egg threatens the Earth, Chaos appears in the crater, as Chaos is only shown in an emergency. Tails sends Emerl to the Death Egg, but Eggman makes Emerl want to destroy Earth by blowing up some stars. Knuckles gives Sonic the Master Emerald and he tries to use it to calm the Chaos Emeralds inside Emerl, only for Ultimate Emerl to shatter it. Sonic then destroys Emerl and prior to this, Knuckles restored the Master Emerald.

Time WarpEdit

Knuckles sees Eggman on the outskirts of Soleanna, who asks Knuckles to give Sonic a message that he needed to give him the Blue Chaos Emerald if he wanted him to return the Princess. After he did this, Eggman dishonours his agreement and sends them into Silver's future. After they learn of Elise's death 200+ years ago, they group with Shadow and Rouge, who have found the Green Chaos Emerald. Knuckles is enraged that Rouge called him not a real treasure hunter and suggests that she stays behind instead of going to the Flame Core. After Sonic and Shadow defeat Iblis, they return to the present, where Knuckles and Tails stay behind in Soleanna while Sonic rescues Elise.

Soon after this, Mephiles kills Sonic and merges with the past Iblis to recreate Solaris and send Amy, Knuckles and Tails into the End of the World. Knuckles showed sadness at Sonic's death and said that they had to defeat Solaris, but Eggman said they couldn't defeat Solaris in this specific time and couldn't destroy it all at once due to Sonic being dead. Silver then comes up with the plan to use the Chaos Emeralds to resurrect Sonic and Knuckles retrieved the Green Chaos Emerald from the Tropical Jungle. After this was done, Knuckles watched as Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Shadow destroyed Solaris.

Racing with RivalsEdit

One day, the Master Emerald mysteriously disappears and Onyx Island appears out of nowhere. Knuckles journeys to it, although he feels it is familiar. He then sees Eggman and assumes he is behind the Master Emerald's disappearance and he is right: Eggman has turned the Master Emerald into a card. He has also turned Amy and Tails into cards and Knuckles fights Sonic to catch Eggman. However after he cataches up to Eggman, he denies his promise and makes them fight his Egg Turtle. Eggman then disappears and Shadow says he's useless. They then break into a race.

In the Colosseum Highway, Knuckles defeats the Egg Falcon and then Eggman lights up the area, transporting him into the Sky Park. He then encounters Silver and he tells him of the camera that turns things into cards. When Silver runs off, Knuckles catches him and then asks Eggman how he got the Master Emerald to disappear from Angel Island, only for Eggman to tell him that this IS Angel Island. Eggman then pits Metal Sonic against Knuckles.

After he defeated it, Knuckles wondered what Eggman meant, as Onyx Island was the shape of Angel Island, but the real Angel Island was still in place. He then finds Shadow, only for him to say Knuckles let Eggman get away again. Knuckles chases after Shadow, where he takes on the Egg Lynx in the Crystal Mountain. Eggman tells Knuckles that this was Onyx Island, Angel Island in the future. After he destroyed the Egg Lynx, he puzzles over what Eggman said when he finds Sonic and Tails.

After their race, Knuckles found Eggman in the Death Yard where he learned that the Master Emerald exists in the past, present and future all at once so when he took the Master Emerald from Angel Island in the future, all of them disappeared. He then teleported Onyx Island into the past and Knuckles defeats Metal Sonic again. After Knuckles defeated the Egg Kong and Metal Sonic, Eggman finally was enraged and threatened to turn the entire planet into a card. Sonic and Knuckles then use Tails' new Tornado to reach Eggman's Meteor Base.

Working with Sonic and Silver, Knuckles eventually made his way to Eggman's control room, where he learned that Eggman was really Eggman Nega in disguise. Nega then tried to use the Master Emerald to turn the planet into a card, when Knuckles bested the Egg Destroyer and took the Master Emerald back, while Silver turned Nega into a card. He then uses the Master Emerald to send Onyx Island back to where it bellonged in the future and then decided to look for all the treasures Eggman Nega turned into cards.

Later, the Master Emerald goes missing again and Knuckles can't find it. Eventually, he meets Rouge in the Blue Coast Zone, who wants to help him look as she needs to find the Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles eventually agrees and sees Sonic and Tails. Sonic is told of what happened and Sonic runs away, with Knuckles chasing him. Eventually, Knuckles decides to go for a one-on-one instead of a silly race. After he bested Sonic, he found Eggman, but Eggman claimed he didn't have the Master Emerald and sent his Egg Liner after them. Knuckles and Sonic destroyed it.

However, Eggman escapes into the Sunset Forest Zone and Rouge suggests that maybe Eggman has an Emerald Detector. Eventually, Knuckles crosses paths with Shadow and tells him that they are going to use Eggman's Emerald Detector. Shadow refuses to let Knuckles get the emeralds and Knuckles races after him. They eventually fight and Knuckles knocks Shadow out. Knuckles finds out that Eggman does have an Emerald Detector and in combat with Shadow, they destroy his Egg Crawler, retrieving the detector.

In the Neon Palace Zone, Rouge's Emerald Detector detects a Chaos Emerald, but all they can find is a Chao. They search the surrounding area, when the emerald detector runs out of juice and he needed some Rings to energise it. Silver makes him hand over the Chao and then Knuckles asks Silver what he wants with the Chao. Silver says he is trying to save the world and Knuckles doesn't believe this so he knocks him out. They then find Eggman, but Silver and Espio arrive and Eggman unleashes the Egg Dealer upon them and Knuckles and Silver wreck it.

Eggman then vanishes and Knuckles and Rouge follow him into the Frontier Canyon Zone, where Rouge agrees saving the world with the Chao is goofy. Rouge locates two Chaos Emeralds behind a cactus when they find Shadow and Metal Sonic. Knuckles assumes Metal Sonic has come for the Master Emerald when he doesn't speak when he hears Eggman's voice inside him. He then stops Metal Sonic from collecting rings and then learns that someone's trying to unleash an "Ifrit" into their world and then they find themselves against Eggman. He and Shadow then destroy the Egg Bull.

They then arrive at the Mystic Haunt Zone, where Rouge suspects Eggman is there (really on the advice of her client) and they split up. Espio sneaks up on Knuckles and he collects more rings. He then finds Metal Sonic and decides to smash him up to lead him back to Eggman. He then finds Shadow and Eggman, where he learns that Eggman was really Eggman Nega imposing as Eggman again. He defeats the Egg Phantom and then for some reason, the portal opens up. Knuckles pulls Rouge in.

In the Chaotic Inferno Zone, Knuckles goes off to destroy the Ifrit when he finds the Ifrit and that Eggman Nega has already used the Master Emerald to revive it. The Ifrit posesses Rouge and Knuckles fights it, eventually freeing Rouge and sinking the Ifrit, only for him to fall under this control himself. However, Rouge rescues him and they escape before the portal closes. However, Rouge sees that the Emerald Detector is damaged and the Master Emerald is inside it. Rouge then tricks Knuckles by calling him dashing and daring, stealing the Master Emerald and Knuckles chases after her.

Racing with the RidersEdit

The Second new RivalEdit

Knuckles works with Sonic and Tails to find a Chaos Emerald, only to find it stolen by the Babylon Rouges. Knuckles knocks Storm off his Extreme Gear, but he escapes by hanging on to Jet's gear. Knuckles later joins the EX World Grand Prix with Sonic and Tails, even questioning how Babylon Garden floats. After this, he raced Storm and won, but Sonic unfairly lost the Grand Prix. He then journeyed with them when Jet revived Babylon Garden in the Tornado 2. After they defeated the Babylon Guardian, the treasure of Babylon turns out to be a Magic Carpet.

Return to settle the scoreEdit

Knuckles was in a car with Sonic and Tails in Megalo Station when the MeteoTech robots from the news attacked them. After Sonic realized the power of his Ark of the Cosmos, they group with Amy and enter the HQ of MeteoTech, grouping with the Babylon Rouges after they destroy several SCR-GP and find Eggman, who is the creator and owner of MeteoTech. He reveals the robots have gone beserk because of a program in a meteorite like theirs.

After this, they find Amy with a destroyed SCR-HD and journey to the Gigan Rocks, where there is no meteorite due to the Babylon Rouges taking it. Knuckles translates the text, revealing the Babylonians sealed the Ark of the Cosmos in the Gigan Rocks in fear of the "eternal blackness". They then follow Jet and Eggman to the Crimson Crater, where they learn that Eggman sent the robots out on purpose, but this is proven false when they get there and SCR-HD steals the Arks off Wave and uses them to transform Babylon Garden into the Astral Babylon, which nearly crushes the planet. Eventually, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Jet, Wave and Storm defeat Master Core: ABIS and destroy the black hole.

Knuckles later asks who made the program to capture all the other meteors, but Tails is unsure. Knuckles then watches as Sonic and Jet race.

Playing an official gameEdit

Knuckles aids Sonic and Tails again in the second World Grand Prix. They defeat Team Rose and Team Dark, then face against Team Babylon in the finals. Jet loses due to him losing power. Knuckles then watches as they play a rematch and the plays the first and second races, then watching Sonic defeat Metal Sonic.

No Longer the LastEdit

Knuckles realizes he never was the last Echidna when he is kidnapped by Procurator Shade and is rescued by Sonic and his friends after they got the last Chaos Emerald. In the Blue Ridge Zone, Knuckles is shocked to see Shade is an echidna and then works with her to defeat Ix.


Arabian SailorEdit

Knuckles has an Arabian Nights look-alike called Sinbad the Sailor, who somewhat harnesses Knuckles' stubborn personality and is friends with Ali Baba. He journeys with Sonic in untold events after the game.

Aurthurian KnightEdit

Knuckles also has a look-alike knight called Sir Gawain, who also harnesses his stubborn personality. He harnesses the sacred sword Flameburge.

Colourful dis-respectEdit

Knuckles is tricked into coming to the Starlight Carnival by Rouge and is seen in a confrontation between Orbot and Cubot. He challenges Sonic to a race and after Sonic wins, he is later seen arguing with Rouge, who reveals she tricked him. Sonic tries to comfort him, telling him that at least he wasn't tricked by Eggman, but this doesn't make Knuckles better and he chases Rouge.

Comforming Two SonicsEdit

Knuckles is later enjoying Sonic's Birthday when the Time Eater sucks them into the past and Knuckles is left powerless in the Sky Sanctuary. Modern Sonic rescues him and he states it is good to have his sanctuary back. He then cheers Sonic on with Amy at the Center of Time and then is knocked back by Amy when he states Sonic wasn't half bad.


Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Sonic and Knuckles are rivals and don't seem to understand each other's differences. Sonic's speed makes him cocky and Knuckles' strength makes him tough and serious. When Sonic loses the Master Emerald pieces in Sonic Adventure 2, Knuckles takes over the shuttle and makes it crash on the ARK. They later settle their differences again to stop the ARK from crashing into the planet.

In Sonic Heroes, they are always allies. Knuckles aids Sonic throughout the entire game. At the end of their story, Knuckles tries to tease Sonic by stating that without them he wouldn't have stood a chance, but Sonic agrees, to Knuckles' suprise. They defeat Metal Overlord together and later work together to try tos top the Black Arms in Shadow the Hedgehog. Knuckles also aids Sonic up 'til the end of the Crisis City saga and then helps revive Sonic.

In Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2, they are rivals. They first battle against Eggman Nega imposing Eggman in the Forest Falls and later to chase him. They then battle and race in the Blue Coast Zone, trying to catch Eggman(Eggman Nega imposing Eggman as well). Sonic also agrees to bring them some Rings in the Frontier Canyon Zone.

They are allies once again in Sonic Riders, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and Sonic Free Riders. They use Extreme Gear and battle Jet or Eggman. In Sonic Colors, Sonic tries to tease Knuckles by asking how Eggman tricked him and later tried to make him feel better by telling him at least he wasn't being tricked by Eggman.

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