The Light Speed Attack is a move similar to the Light Speed Dash used by Sonic and Shadow. In fact, the Light Speed Attack is actually where the user activates the Light Speed Dash, but instead of following a trail of rings, the user proceeds to attack the enemies at the speed of light, thus allowing to attack multiple enemies in rapid succession, much like the Homing Attack, but much easier. This is particularly useful when the player is out-numbered.


Sonic Adventure 2Edit

In order for either of them to perform this attack, they have to possess the Ancient Light upgrade. For Sonic, the move was found in the Green Forest stage. Shadow's was located on Sky Rail.

The item is most useful when a P-100 Artificial Chaos transforms its body into Cells, allowing the player to destroy every one of them with ease.

Sonic HeroesEdit

The move also reappeared in Sonic Heroes, but could only be used by Sonic after performing the Sonic Overdrive Team Blast, and by Super Sonic during the battle against Metal Overlord at the cost of 5 rings.

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