The Light Speed Dash is a move used by Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog with the Light Speed Shoes and Air Shoes. It involves rushing along a trail of rings.


Sonic Adventure 2Edit

In Sonic Adventure 2, the Light Speed Dash is available to both Sonic (in the Hero story) and Shadow (in the Dark story). Sonic accesses the move when he, again, collects the Light Speed Shoes, which are found in the Metal Harbor stage. Shadow must collect the Air Shoes to perform the same move. The Air Shoes can be found in White Jungle.

Sonic has to approach a trail of rings and press the action button as opposed to charging. Curiously, from this game and onward, the Light Dash is capable of damaging foes in the middle of a ring path and not just items. Sonic also no longer Spin Dashes and just simply dashes along the trail.

Both characters can upgrade to the Light Speed Attack by collecting the Ancient Light.

Sonic Heroes and Shadow the HedgehogEdit

Both Sonic and Shadow have access to the Light Speed Dash from the beginning of the game. In Shadow the Hedgehog, any rings that are accidentally collected prior to the Dash turn clear, and can still be dashed across. Additionally, in said game, the second action button (X on Gamecube) is used, instead of the first (B on Gamecube).

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

In Sonic the Hedgehog, both Sonic and Shadow can gain the ability to perform the Light Speed Dash by collecting the Light Chip (Sonic) and Air Chip (Shadow). The move is required to reach the first stage as Sonic. Both characters can buy these items at the shop in Soleanna.

Sonic ColorsEdit

The Light Speed Dash once again appears in Sonic Colors. However, it is only useable while under the effects of Green Hover.

Sonic GenerationsEdit

The Light Speed Dash returns in Sonic Generations as one of Modern Sonic's normal abilities; however, it can only be performed near certain ring paths, which are surrounded by a clearly discernible ripple effect. Also, the button required to perform the move is shown.

Sonic XEdit

In Sonic X, the Light Speed Dash is used by Sonic to attack Eggman's robot in Desperatly Seeking Sonic and later, Chris uses a move on the Hyper Tornado called Ring Tunnel that uses the Light Speed Dash to create a magnetic field.

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