Meteor Herd is the fourteenth Hero Story level in [[Sonic Adventure 2]. It is the last playable stage as Knuckles.


During the hero's trip, their shuttle's cargo bay opens up, causing the pieces of the Master Emerald to fly out into outer space. Upon landing at the ARK, Knuckles heads off to the outside of the colony to find the pieces. After finding them, Knuckles then battles Rouge, who gives him the remaining Master Emerald shards.

Design and LocationEdit

Meteor Herd takes place on the outside of the space colony ARK, inside a meteor field. The lowest area is home to many pieces of yellow equipment that appear to be bulldozers of sorts, as well as housing a large tank filled with Lava. Meteors fall from the sky, so it is highly recommended to keep moving. The higher you travel up the level, you come across many small platforms, as well as storage-container like boxes fixed in a floating position in the level.


The Sunglasses can be found here.

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