20px My name is Miles Prower, but everyone calls me Tails. 20px
Tails introducing himself in Sonic Adventure 2.

Miles Prower, better known by his alias Tails is Sonic's trusty sidekick, known more often as Miles "Tails" Prower. His name comes from the pun word "miles per hour", which replicates the speed of Sonic himself


Early LifeEdit

Tails grew up on an island all by himself until he met Sonic. He was amazed of how fast he could run and was able to keep up with him. They then became fast friends, and Tails would pilot Sonic's planes for him. They also became enemies with Dr. Eggman and friends with Amy Rose and Knuckles the Echidna. He also learned the legend of the Babylon Rouges. However, Tails always relied on Sonic and was afraid to do things on his own.

Now It's Tails' time to ShineEdit

One day, Tails conquered his fear of working on his own and saved Station Square from Eggman's life-threatening missile attack and was given the Yellow Chaos Emerald as a reward from the mayor. Later, Sonic was arrested by G.U.N. for stealing a Chaos Emerald and put into prison on Prison Island. Tails took his new Tornado 3 plane to the island and unintentionally brought Amy with him, although he saved her from Eggman in the Egg Walker with his new Cyclone. He went into the base to rescue Sonic, and later used the Tornado 3 to get Sonic and Amy off the island before it exploded.

At Central City, Eggman threatened the world by using his new Eclipse Cannon to blow up half of the moon, to create his Eggman Empire. Tails then came up with the plan of using his Yellow Chaos Emerald to locate the other six after escaping the police. However, due to Eggman taking the emeralds into outer space, he couldn't get a reading when Knuckles emerged from the Aquatic Mine. Tails then converted the Cyclone into a kart, using it to trace the call from Eggman and the President to the Space Colony ARK.

Knuckles then guided them to Eggman's secret pyramid base, and Tails shot down his defenses, allowing them to enter, when Eggman attacked them with his Egg Golem. Sonic then beat it and made it attack Eggman, and they were able to board a space shuttle to the ARK before it took off, but Knuckles crashed it on the ARK. Tails then gave Sonic a fake Yellow Chaos Emerald and told him to implant it in the Eclipse Cannon while he destroyed the engine.

Tails successfully destroyed the engine, but Eggman kidnapped Amy and shot Sonic into space in an exploding capsule. Tails got so rilled up over this that he defeated the Doctor and destroyed their mechs. However, Sonic continued to survive this and defeated his look-alike, Shadow the Hedgehog and damaged the Eclipse Cannon.

However, the ARK started shaking and heading in a crash course to Earth. Tails, Sonic, Knuckles and Amy then formed an alliance with Eggman and Rouge to stop the ARK. Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles managed to stop the Chaos Emeralds using the Master Emerald, but the Biolizard - being the prototype of the Ultimate Life Form - used Chaos Control to warp onto the Eclipse Cannon and make it head to Earth. Sonic and Shadow then used the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and Super Shadow, defeating the FinalHazard and warping the ARK into a safe distance. Tails reminded Eggman that they all saved Earth together and they headed home.

Aiding Sonic and KnucklesEdit

Tails used the Tornado 2 to catch up to Sonic with Knuckles, and gave him a letter from Eggman that a new "ultimate weapon" would be ready in three days. Tails then worked with Sonic and Knuckles as Team Sonic to stop Eggman. They then made their way to the Seaside Hill, where they defeated Eggman in the Egg Hawk at the Ocean Palace. However, Eggman escaped.

They managed to evade Team Rose at the Power Plant and then made their way to the BINGO Highway, defeating Eggman's Robot Carnival and then made their way into the Rail Canyon, where they defeated Eggman in the Egg Albatross at the Bullet Station. However, it was revealled to be a fake, while Eggman launched his Egg Fleet. Sonic and Knuckles raced away, while Tails took a real good look at the fake Eggman and realized it wasn't an Eggman robot, then ran after Sonic and Knuckles, not seeing Neo Metal Sonic copying their data.

They then went to the Frog Forest, where they encountered Team Dark and were suprised to see that Shadow was still alive. After defeating them, they made their way to Eggman's Hang Castle base and defeated the Robot Storm at the Mystic Mansion, boarding an Egg Fleet ship. They then made their way to the Final Fortress, where they defeated and destroyed the Egg Emperor, using the Final Fortress' cannons to blow the fleet apart. Tails smiled when Sonic told him he couldn't have done it without Tails and Knuckles.

Suddenly, Neo Metal Sonic began taking form and transformed into an incomplete, robotic mech called Metal Madness. Prior to this time, they had recovered the Blue Chaos Emerald and Tails volenteered to help Sonic destroy Metal, followed by Knuckles. They then used the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Team Super Sonic, being granted a Super Shield by Super Sonic and then they defeated Metal's ultimate form: Metal Overlord. Tails then chased Sonic, with Amy following and was last seen running with Sonic and Knuckles on another adventure.

Ring HunterEdit

Tails found the White Chaos Emerald and used it to power his new Tornado 3 plane. However, when he reached Eggman's Circus Park base, he was shot down by Eggman's defenses. Tails then retrieved all the stolen Rings Eggman had taken from around the world with help from Shadow and then helped him retrieve the White Chaos Emerald inside the Tornado 3. He later guided the President's transport out of Central City and tried to help stop the Black Arms from destroying the planet, but was frozen by Black Doom's gas. Omega later freed them and they escaped the Black Comet before Super Shadow destroyed it.

Reasearching EmerlEdit

Tails was at home when Sonic arrived and he saw Shadow. He finds Sonic's new find: a robot called a Gizoid. Sonic leaves him to fix the Gizoid while he ran off after Rouge, when Tails finds out there's a robot that looks exacly like the Gizoid on the news that has robbed a bunch of jewelry stores. Sonic tells him he just destroyed that fake, so there's more. Tails tells him he learned that the Gizoid can copy moves and makes him fight Sonic, showing him that it captures moves. He also tells him that it is powered by Chaos Emeralds. They then do a 10KO Battle and then head to the Emerald Beach, where Sonic found the Gizoid.

After the 10KO battle there, Sonic reveals he named the Gizoid "Emerl" because of it being powered by Chaos Emeralds. They go off to see Knuckles, when they find a Phi. Sonic has Emerl fight the Phi on his own and then defeats it a second time. They then go up to the Holy Summit, where they run into Chaos Gamma. They mistake it for Gamma and it attacks them. After they beat it, it comes back and they defeat it. Tails then realizes this wasn't Gamma and they went to Knuckles' House, but he mistook it for a Phi. After Emerl defeated him, he realized his moves were similar to Sonic's and thus, they went into battle again. Emerl beat him, and Knuckles handed over his Chaos Emerald.

Tails then insterted the Chaos Emerald and Emerl's skill points improved by 10. He then spoke and Tails revealed that his voice improved with every Chaos Emerald they gave him. They then battled.

Sonic took Emerl to the beach to play, but Tails wanted to study it first. He then followed them to the beach and they did a 10KO Battle. Emerl wouldn't obey Tails until Sonic told him to. They then went to the Central Lab in Central City, but the Security wouldn't let them in. Rouge then appeared and beat them up, but she gave them her Lab Pass. They then went back to the Central Lab and the Security let them in after seeing the Lab Pass.

He plugs Emerl into the computer, assuming he was created by Eggman. He scanned his structual, when he realized this was actually an ancient weapon programmed by Eggman's grandfather, Gerald Robotnik. Suddenly, Guard Robos attack them. After they defeat them, Shadow appears and beats them, trying to destroy Emerl. Rouge takes Shadow away and they escape by going through the Holy Summit after destroying a Guard Robo at the Office.

When Emerl accidently insults Knuckles, Knuckles attacks him and thus Emerl defeats him. At the Bridge, they run into E-102 again and defeat him. It then comes back even stronger. Knuckles holds E-102 off and Tails makes his way back to Emerald Beach. Rouge then appears and reveals Emerl's secret. She also reveals how to restore Emerl: feed him Chaos Emeralds. She then asks if Emerl comes and after she nearly tricks him, Knuckles arrives. Tails then sadly watches as Sonic and Knuckles fight.

Tails also helps other characters learn how to join Emerald Shards into Chaos Emeralds so he can insert them in Emerl. He finally builds a teleporter that allows Emerl to use Chaos Control to reach the Death Egg. However, Emerl reverts into Ultimate Emerl after Eggman blows up some stars. Sonic is then forced to destroy him, but tells Tails they will definately see him again.

Sonic's AllyEdit

Tails meets Sonic in Soleanna and helps him chase down the Egg Carrier in the Wave Ocean. However, they were unable to catch up and so headed to the Dusty Desert. They successfully rescued Elise and destroyed the Egg Cerberus. Tails then left Sonic to distract Eggman's robots and he then joined him at Soleanna. They met Knuckles, who gave Sonic a transmission from Eggman, who wanted him to give him the Blue Chaos Emerald Elise gave him. Tails assumed it was a trap, but Sonic went anyway.

They proceeded to White Acropolis, but Eggman double-crossed them, using the Blue Chaos Emerald to power his Solaris prototype and send them through time by 200+ years. They then grouped with Shadow and Rouge, who heped them in Crisis City. While there, Tails hacked into one of Eggman's databases, learning that Elise died when she was kidnapped by Eggman after seeing a conversation between Silver, Blaze and Mephiles. They then returned to their own time after retrieving two Chaos Emeralds in the Flame Core. Tails stayed behind in Soleanna with Knuckles while Sonic went to save Elise.

Later, Elise went to Eggman's base in response to his earlier threat to bomb Soleanna, so Tails tried to rescue her by heading toward the Wave Ocean. However, he was unable to catch up again and told Sonic when he returned. Later, Mephiles killed Sonic and merged with Iblis to recreate Solaris, creating the End of the World as Tails, Knuckles and Amy were sucked into the world by Solaris. He showed sadness at Sonic's death and then Silver came up with the plan to use the Chaos Emeralds to revive Sonic and Tails retrieved the Yellow Chaos Emerald from Crisis City. He then watched as Sonic, Shadow and Silver destroyed Solaris in their super forms.

A New RivalEdit

Tails, Sonic and Knuckles later found themselves in Future City, a utopian city in search of a Chaos Emerald. Suddenly, Tails' radar signal gets jammed and they see the Babylon Rouges fly off on Extreme Gear. Knuckles knocks Storm off his Extreme Gear and Tails saw the mark of the Babylon Rouges. They then entered the EX World Grand Prix after seeing that Jet, Wave and Storm were entered.

Tails designed their gears, the Blue Star(for Sonic), the Red Rock, the Yellow Tail(for himself) and later the Pink Rose(for Amy). However, during the competetion, he developed a rivalry with Wave the Swallow, as they were both smarts in inventing. He also told Team Sonic about the legend of the Babylon Rouges.

They eventually made it to the finals, but lost when Wave detonated the Blue Star. Jet then used the Chaos Emeralds to activate his control box and resurrect Babylon Garden. They then chased Eggman to the Babylon Garden on the Tornado 2 and Tails gave Sonic the Blue Star II. They were about to fight Wave and Storm, but fled when E-10000R and an army of E-10000G arrived. They later defeated the Babylon Guardian and split.

Meteor HolderEdit

One night, an Ark of the Cosmos crashes outside Tails' House which wakes him from his sleep and he finds it outside. The next day, he passes it on to Sonic, when they are attacked by SCR-HD and some SCR-GP. Sonic falls out of the car, but is saved by the Ark. Tails realizes they are after the Arks and uses his new version of Yellow Tail to escape to MeteoTech, the creator of the robots.

When they arrive, they find themselves attacked by some SCR-GP, but they are repelled by Jet and Wave. They manage to find the creator of MeteoTech, who is revealed to be Eggman. He reveals that SCR-HD has an Ark of the Cosmos and another is inside his Mother Computer. They then realize Storm and Amy are being chased by SCR-HD and race after them when they see that it has blown up. They then head to the Gigan Rocks.

When they reach there, they read something about a spaceship which is Babylon Garden and "the lightless black that assaulted the divine wings" when they see Jet and Eggman heading toward the Dark Desert. They follow them and find Crimson Tower. They retrieve all the Arks, when Babylon Garden rises. Tails puzzles of why the ancient Babylonians sealed their power unit in the Gigan Rocks, about the "lightless black" and how SCR-HD just exploded when he realizes that Babylon Garden is fueled by black holes created when all five power units join together. SCR-HD then takes all the Arks off Wave and takes them to Babylon Garden, transforming it into Astral Babylon and creating a black hole threatening to eat the planet.

Wave then tells them that they can stop Babylon Garden by disconnecting the engine unit and they race into the black hole. They then defeat Master Core: ABIS and destroy the black hole. At Megalo City, Tails explains that the Arks had a program in them that made them try to gather up the other units, which activated when Eggman found the first Ark and put it in the Mother Computer. He wonders who made the program and watches Sonic and Jet race.

Now to Really help SonicEdit

Amy mysteriously disappears and Onyx Island appears out of nowhere, so Sonic and Tails go to investagate. Tails assumes Eggman has done this, as he turned Amy into a card. When Sonic dbouts Eggman, he gets a front row seat to see Tails turned into a card himself. He then races after Eggman, eventually recovering Tails' card at the Crystal Mountain and transforming him back into the flesh. He then helps Sonic and Knuckles get to the Meteor Base in his new Tornado plane, where they learn he was really Eggman Nega imposing Eggman. They manage to defeat him, recover Amy's card and turn her back into the flesh too, then retrieving on a hunt for all the cards Eggman Nega had.

Later, Tails calls Sonic to the Blue Coast Zone, where he tells him that a bunch of Chao have disappeared. He assumes Eggman is behind it, when they see Knuckles and Rouge. He then finds Rouge, who claims she's looking for treasure. When Tails says Eggman is on the island, Rouge runs off, trying to tell Eggman they're looking for him, but Tails runs after her, knowing if she told Eggman they were looking for him, they would never find him. Due to him training with Sonic, he catches up to her. She then challenges him to beat her if he wanted to speak with Eggman first. They then find Eggman, but he claims he doesn't know anything about the missing Chao. He then makes them fight his new Egg Liner and Tails destroys it while fighting Rouge.

In the Sunset Forest Zone, they find some pages having fallen out of Eggman's book, saying "The all powerful Ifrit...". They then run off, with Tails wondering if the "Ifrit" has anything to do with the Chao. Tails thinks someone's following him when Espio appears and reveals he's trying to chase Eggman to find out what's up with the Chao disappearances. He refuses to tell him what his leads are and chases after Sonic. However, Espio continues chasing him and when he finds Sonic and Silver battling, Espio keeps him from helping Sonic and Tails knocks him out. They then find Eggman, but when Tails shows his paper, Eggman attacks them with the Egg Crawler to take the paper back. However, Tails and Espio destroy it.

Eggman manages to escape into the Neon Palace Zone, when Tails finds some more paper. It says "The Ifrit held the power of destruction and the power to bind one's soul..." when they find Shadow and Metal Sonic. Sonic heads after Shadow while he has Tails go after Metal Sonic and find out what's going on. When he finally catches up to Metal, Metal doesn't answer when Tails hears Eggman's voice inside Metal. He then knocks Metal out and finds Eggman. They then defeat and destroy the Egg Dealer while in combat with Metal Sonic.

Tails determines Eggman has been in the Frontier Canyon Zone wasteland by finding some more paper saying "The Ifrit destroyed the entire..." when they meet Knuckles and Rouge, who are still looking for the Master Emerald. They ask Sonic and Tails to collect Rings to fuel their Emerald Detector, so they split up. Tails takes a while to collect Rings, wondering how Sonic's doing. When he collects enough Rings, Silver suddenly shows up and takes them all, taking them away. Tails is unable to catch up, when they find Eggman. They then take on the Egg Bull and destroy it with Silver.

Eggman reveals a monster known as the Ifrit is about to be released into the world and the portal to unleashing the Ifrit lies within a mysterious mansion. Sonic and Tails make their way to the Mystic Haunt Zone and Tails suggests they split up, but he soon regrets it when he sees a ghost in his own image. He runs away, but he can't escape. It then changes into a ghost of Sonic and he knocks it out, but they find Eggman, when Tails notices that he looks like Eggman, but also looks different. Suddenly, their alternate selves show up and they assume Eggman has been posessed by a ghost too, so try to defeat them. However, they are beaten, and see that he is really Eggman Nega, and the real Eggman is the one Tails saw talking in Metal Sonic earlier. They then defeat the Egg Phantom.

Tails finds a ton of Chao sealed up in a secret room, and Sonic tells Tails to get the Chao to a safe place. Suddenly, the portal to the other dimension opens, then it begins to close due to the actions of Shadow and Metal Sonic. They then jump into the portal and find themselves in the Chaotic Inferno Zone. However, they get split up and Tails goes off to find Eggman before the door closes. Sonic then arrives, telling him that the Ifrit is awake. Suddenly, when he is telling him to get back to the door, he falls under the Ifrit's control. Tails then defeats the Ifrit and frees Sonic, only to fall under this control himself. Sonic rescues him and they escape.

The Ifrit was revealed to be not fully revived by Tails and they take the Chao to a Chao Garden, although Tails asks if they should look for Eggman. However, Sonic reminds him that since they've taken out the Ifrit and rescued all the Chao, there's no reason to look for Eggman. He then chases Sonic.


The ArabianEdit

Tails has an Arabian look-alike called Ali Baba, who is a guide and ally of Sonic. He also journeys with him after the events to help him return to his world.

The Sword-cutterEdit

Tails also has an Arthurian look-alike Blacksmith. He is a local blacksmith who sharpens the swords of Sonic and his allies.

Racing with the Riders....AgainEdit

Tails joins Team Heroes to enter the World Grand Prix, although he believes it is a bit fishy. When they win, it was revealed that Eggman had been imposing King Doc (a fake king) and copied their data to become the world's fastest. However, he lost due to Metal Sonic double-crossing him and they left happily, all having fun despite not having treasure.

A Colourful AdventureEdit

Tails accompanies Sonic to Eggman's Incredible Insterstellar Amusement Park, not believing that Eggman would make a giant space amusement park for an evil plot. However, he is proven wrong when he sees his robots Orbot and Cubot try to snatch some Wisps. He builds a translator, but it gives off the wrong signals. When they reach the Starlight Carnival, Tails was mind-controlled by Eggman's Mind Control Cannon. He makes Tails attack Sonic, but eventually, Tails regains his sanity when Eggman runs out of Hyper-go-on energy.

Tails follows Sonic around, even seeing him talk to a broken Refreshinator and grabbing a bite at Eggman's Bucket O' Sushi resturaunt, only to learn his cruelty knows no bounds. Later, Eggman tries to fire his main Mind Control Cannon, when it backfires and destroys the park. Sonic pushes Tails into Eggman's Ultra- Acclerating Space Elevator and he was knocked unconsicous, only thinking that. He then watches as his translator finally works, but is saddened when Yacker has to go and he cannot translate more. Sonic cheers him up and they watch as the planets are warped back to their right places.

Four TailsEdit

Tails was enjoying Sonic's Birthday when the Time Eater eats them and sucks them into the White Space. Tails ends up in the Green Hill until he is rescued by Modern Sonic. He asks Sonic to check out the Chemical Plant, when he sees Classic Sonic, mistaking him for Modern Sonic. Classic Sonic then ran off, and Tails grouped with him at the Chemical Plant. He then remembered how nervous the pink water in the plant made him, and how familiar it was.

He then met Classic Tails and grouped with Sonic and Classic Sonic at the gate to the Death Egg. They realized they were travelling through time and space, and both Sonics went after the Time Eater. After Modern Sonic defeated Perfect Chaos, they learned that the Time Eater disliked Chaos Emeralds and went after the Red Chaos Emerald, having already collected four.

When Sonic defeated the Egg Dragoon, Tails was puzzled as it was being controlled by Eggman, but he had been kidnapped by the Time Eater at the Death Egg. It then kidnapped him again and they chased it to the Center of Time, where they learned it was actually a robot controlled by Modern Eggman and Classic Eggman, which they found after Eggman was defeated before. Both Tails and all their friends the cheer the Sonics on and they destroy the Time Eater as Modern and Classic Super Sonic. They later are seen conversing with Amy and Tails high-fives Classic Tails before he and Classic Sonic go back to their time.

Sonic XEdit

In Sonic X, Tails is sent to Earth after a Chaos Control accident. There, he befriends the fellow inventor Chuck Thorndyke, who helps him build the X-Tornado plane. In episode 18, Tails reveals that he was bullied by other animals until he found Sonic's old Tornado plane and refitted and repainted it, making it the Tornado 2. In Season 2, Tails lives on a workshop in Mystic Ruins, doing tests on the X-Tornado until episode 50, where he helps Chuck gather up the Chaos Emeralds and use them to indue Chaos Control and send them home, with a new X-Tornado with the ability to transform into the Hyper Tornado.

In Season 3, Tails was waiting for the shooting star festival that only took place once every thousand years with Amy, Cream and Cheese when a girl called Cosmo crashed there. They took her to Cream's House, and they formed a close relationship as they journeyed across space in Tails' new Blue Typhoon against the Metarex. Eventually, Tails is forced to shoot Cosmo with the Sonic Power Cannon to stop Dark Oak, but he eventually plants her seedling and it sprouts. He then joins the others in war against Eggman.

Theme SongsEdit

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