Mission Street is the seventh stage of the Hero Story and Tails' second stage. The two-tailed hero must slip through town and across a bridge that is under heavy construction, while being attacked by aerial missiles. The area is also prone to earthquakes, which causes some areas of the bridge to collapse.

Story OverviewEdit

After witnessing Eggman's test fire of the Eclipse Cannon, Sonic, Tails, and Amy realize that he's been collecting the Chaos Emeralds to fuel the cannon. Tails remembers that the Chaos Emeralds attract each other, and decides to use the Emerald he received as a gift for saving Station Square in Sonic Adventure to find the others. The police find the trio at this point, and Sonic offers to keep them busy while Tails escapes to look for the other Emeralds.


Tails' Booster upgrade is located here, allowing him to hover.


  • Throughout the stage, you can see electric billboards with Tails' head on them, offering a $1,000,000 reward for his capture.
  • This level, City Escape, and Radical Highway, seem to be based off of the city San Francisco. Since all three are in Central City, the city itself is likely based off of San Francisco.
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