20px We must stand united to defend our world against these invaders! 20px
The President, Shadow the Hedgehog.

The President is the leader of the United Federation, a fictional nation similar to the United States of America. He resides in Central City, in a building similar to the White House.


Prior to Eggman's attack on the moon, he became the President. He asked Eggman what he wanted, and he claimed he wanted them to surrender to the Eggman Empire and make no attempts to resist, or his country would seice to exist. Sonic and Tails then got aboard and Tails traced his signal to the Space Colony ARK, leaving the President stunned until his secretary told him they were recieving a signal from their agent, who they had sent to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds.

Later, the Black Arms attacked Earth. The President send all his troops out and told them never to surrender. However, Central City was invaded by Black Doom and was destroyed when he took control of the Eclipse Cannon. The GUN Commander managed to get him out to the GUN Fortress before this, and he watched Gerald's broadcast. After Shadow destroyed the Black Comet, the President said to the commander that they were all wrong about the professor and decided to work to ensure peace and prosperity for a brighter future.

He also sent Rouge out to study Emerl and was mentioned by Shadow as rescuing Rouge was "a request from the President".

Sonic XEdit

The President permanently lives in Central City in Sonic X and always turns to Sonic and his friends if they are needed. He recuits Rouge to work for G.U.N. in Fly Spy and in The Mystery of Project Shadow, he signs papers for repairs on Station Square after the attack of Perfect Chaos.

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