Prison Lane is the third stage of the Hero Story and the first level of Miles "Tails" Prower in Sonic Adventure 2. It takes place on Prison Island.


As Miles "Tails" Prower, you must rescue Sonic from the jail cell in which he is imprisoned. This level is filled to the brim with G.U.N. security robots, all of which make excellent target practice for Tails and his newest creation, the Cyclone. Despite being quite large, the level does feel a bit cramped (fitting, as it IS a prison complex). The cells appear to be unoccupied for the most part, aside from the one occupied by Sonic, and one that Big the Cat has somehow been captured in (but only if you're playing on a Dreamcast). Eggman has a level somewhat similar in tone to his one, which happens to be the first Dark stage in the game, known as Iron Gate.

Stage LayoutEdit

The level starts out with Tails shooting enemies. Tails shoots enemies for awhile, then he finds a rising platform. He now shoots enemies while on the platform, gets off and does it again. After he reaches the checkpoint, Tails is faced with another obstacle, he must shoot all the enemies, then goes to another rising platform where there are many boxes for Tails to destroy. Then he must shoot many enemies until he gets to a giant platform where he continues to go up for awhile while shooting many enemies. When he gets to the top, he faces more platform obstacles and a mini-maze. Then, after he gets to the end, he shoots many enemies and finishes off the level. This level's night equivalent is Eggman's Iron Gate, though you cannot see outside.


Near the Goal Ring, there is a gate that can only be opened once all the enemies in the room are defeated (including a Beetle that is hiding in a corner). After the gate is opened, Tails must use his Bazooka to break the steel containers. Proceeding straight ahead, Tails will receive the Laser Blaster.

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