Pumpkin Hill is the fifth stage of the Hero Story and Knuckles' second stage. It's theme song is A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup and takes place at twilight. Shadow also has his own version of this stage in the day called Sky Rail


Knuckles continues his search for the Master Emerald.

Stage LayoutEdit

The goal of this stage is to find 3 Master Emerald shards. This place is a level with a Halloween-like theme to it. There are many pumpkins and many ghosts that appear with no warning to surprise you when you don't expect it. This is the first appearance of King Boom Boo's ghosts. Pumpkin Hill has 3 major areas.

  • Pumpkin Mountain
  • Church Mountain
  • Ghost Train Mountain


Knuckles gets an upgrade in this level, allowing him to dig. This upgrade is called the Shovel Claw.

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