20px This is Flying Dog to Headquaters. Intruder found entering Security Hold. Preparing to attack. 20px
Flying Dog's pilot before battling Rouge.

R-1/A Flying Dog is a robot used by G.U.N. to try to stop Rouge from escaping Prison Island after she retrieved three Chaos Emeralds. It trapped her in a locked safe, but was defeated. It appeared in both Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic X, but their storyline was the same.

According to Sonic X, it is 3.6 meters in both height and width, and weighs 5.4 tons. There is also an unseen two seater version that presumably looks much like the standard version but the technical data is the same.


  • This is Flying Dog to Headquaters! I've taken heavy damage! Close the Security Hold! - Flying Dog's pilot after being hit three times.
  • This is just not possible! This Flying Dog can't be destroyed! - Flying Dog's pilot after being defeated.
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