Radical Highway is the fourth stage of the Dark Story in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow's first stage. It takes place in Central City, with Shadow trying to destroy any robot he can find


Shadow is surrounded by the military and police after stealing the Chaos Emerald from the federal reserve bank. As he watches them, he has a flashback a running down a hallway on the ARK with Maria. Returning back to the present, Shadow promises Maria revenge against humans.

Stage LayoutEdit

Throughout the stage there are huge suspension cables of the bridge that Shadow can grind on. Performing tricks perfectly will get you far in this level, as they can allow you to cover great distances and skip large sections. This level has many enemy bots, as well as a few lightning fast (and dangerous) bomber jets.


Shadow's Flame Ring upgrade is found here, he needs the Air Shoes to obtain it easily, but can also reach it without them by using a Spin Dash and jumping at the right moment.


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