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20px I despise anyone who takes jewels from me... all the world's gems are mine to keep! 20px
Rouge the Bat

Rouge in Sonic the Hedgehog.

Rouge the Bat is an ally of Shadow the Hedgehog. She is absessed with jewels but only cares about certain people. Her current jewel obsessions are in the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds


Early Life

Prior to the events of Sonic Adventure 2, Rouge became a treasure hunter and agent of G.U.N.. She was also given one of the Chaos Emeralds as part of her payment, the blue one.

Tricking Eggman

When Dr. Eggman tried to take the Master Emerald in a fight against Knuckles the Echidna, it was shattered and it then became Rouge's intention to retrieve it's pieces, when she followed Eggman to the Space Colony ARK. She learned of his new plan and made a deal with him, while she gave him her Blue Chaos Emerald.

She took them back to Prison Island, showing him where the 3 Chaos Emeralds(Red, Cyan and Purple) were, when R-1/A Flying Dog trapped her in a locked safe. Shadow later used Chaos Control to warp her onto the ARK, before Prison Island exploded. Eggman then demonstrated the Eclipse Cannon's power by blowing up half of the moon.

However, in order to use it's full power, they needed all Chaos Emeralds so Rouge showed him a newspaper she had found, revealing the last Chaos Emerald was in the posession of Miles "Tails" Prower. They then returned to Earth, but Rouge couldn't catch up to them in her car, so she returned to the ARK, but instead of stopping them, Rouge smuggled Project: Shadow information to the President and went after the last Master Emerald pieces Knuckles had lost. After he saved her, she gave him her pieces.

Later, Eggman insterted the last Chaos Emerald, only for the ARK to fall to Earth. Luckily, Shadow and Sonic managed to stop the space colony, but Shadow lost his energy and fell to Earth, being presumed dead. Sonic gave Rouge his limiter rings and they returned to Earth.

Eggman's secret treasure

Upon learning of a secret treasure in one of Eggman's bases, Rouge ventures there and finds an anmesiac Shadow. She also accidently activates E-123 Omega, who tries to kill Shadow, thinking he is one of Eggman's robots. She breaks the fight up and learns that Omega is mad at Eggman for sealing him in that room and Shadow has anmesia.

Team Dark then ventures around the world to find Eggman. Rouge's main reason for being captain is to find Eggman's secret treasure. However, after they defeat the decoy Eggman on the Egg Emperor on board the Final Fortress, it turns out to be a room full of Shadow Androids. She assumes Shadow is a robot, but Omega puts against it, reminding her that no-one could make Shadow Androids without the real Shadow.

Rouge decides to look for the Master Emerald again as Knuckles was there, but before she could leave, Metal Madness appeared Shadow and Rouge gave Team Sonic their Green and White Chaos Emeralds, stalling for time until Team Super Sonic defeats Metal Overlord. She then leaves Team Dark to go after the Master Emerald, with Knuckles chasing her.

Helping G.U.N.

Rouge later searches for a Chaos Emerald, guards the GUN Fortress and takes on the Black Arms in the Death Ruins with Shadow until Eggman's robots push them back. After telling Shadow, they defeat a Black Bull, and Shadow leaves for the Iron Jungle. She later is frozen by Black Doom's gas and is left frozen, but Omega frees them and they escape the Black Comet before Shadow destroys it.

Reaserching Emerl

Rouge discovers a Gizoid in Eggman's Gimme Shelter and saves Shadow from a Guard Robo, taking him to Club Rouge. She then became obsessed with turning Emerl into a master robot thief, but Sonic developed a Link with him after Eggman dumped him.

Rouge tricks Emerl into thinking Sonic asked her to take him out and trains him to be a robot theif, but when they steal a Chaos Emerald, Emerl absorbs it. Sonic then shows up and explains that a robot as mature as Emerl could never be a robot thief, but Rouge stays on her goal.

However, Emerl is destroyed and Rouge is unhappy as she cannot turn him into a master thief.

Pursuing Mephiles

Rouge was sent on a mission to White Acropolis to retrieve Eggman's Scepter of Darkness. However, she was captured and couldn't get out for 26 hours. She eventually escaped with the aid of Shadow, now an agent of G.U.N. and discovered White Acropolis lead to Soleanna. Shadow escorted her to the G.U.N. rendevous point, when Eggman attacked them and the Scepter of Darkness was shattered. Suddenly, it absorbed Shadow's shadow and Mephiles the Dark sent them into the future. When they escaped with the aid of Sonic and his friends, Shadow stayed behind in the future to battle Mephiles. Rouge then brought her Green Chaos Emerald to E-123 Omega, who's wrecks she had found in Crisis City. After Shadow and Omega returned from the future, Rouge asked G.U.N. HQ for all information about the scepter. Shadow travelled back to the Solaris Project, and he returned, telling Rouge how to seal Mephiles. Omega then confessed that he captured Shadow in the future, but Rouge told him that even if he thought the whole world would be against him, she would always be at his side.

They then pursued Mephiles to the Dusty Desert and attempted to seal him in their new Scepter of Darkness, but due to Mephiles absorbing Shadow's shadow, this failed. He then took their Chaos Emerald and used it and his Yellow Chaos Emerald to create an army of clones. However, Shadow destroyed them, and they turned into a black fluid. His Chaos Emeralds then start glowing and teleport them into The End of the World.

Rouge, along with everyone else, shows sadness at Sonic's death when Silver comes up with the plan to use the Chaos Emeralds to revive Sonic and destroy Solaris all at once. Rouge then retrieves the Purple Chaos Emerald from the Wave Ocean and then watches as Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Silver destroy Solaris.

Now to Really help Shadow

Rouge investagates Eggman, when she learns that he is really Eggman Nega imposing as Eggman. However, before she can get this information to Shadow, he turns her into a card. Shadow then saves Rouge from being converted into energy to power his giant camera to turn Earth into a card. They then look for the other cards.

Knuckles' Companion

Eggman Nega, under the guise of Eggman, thirsly hires Rouge to find the Chaos Emeralds to he can open a portal to the Ifrit's dimension. She then teams up with Knuckles, who wants to find the Master Emerald. She is found by Tails, who tells him she will tell Eggman he is looking for him. However, due to Tails training with Sonic, he catches up. She knocks him out, when they fight the Egg Liner and she battles Tails.

Eggman escapes into the Sunset Forest Zone, where they look for Eggman's Emerald Detector. However, she breaks into a race and fight with Metal Sonic. She then learns Eggman does have an Emerald Detector, and then steals it after combating the Egg Crawler.

The Emerald Detector goes crazy around some Chao, so they split up to search the surrounding area. Espio the Chameleon suprises her and she realizes the Chao was sitting on a Chaos Emerald. She catches Espio, and gets the Chaos Emerald. He then attacks them with the Egg Dealer.

Eggman disappears and Rouge agrees that saving the world with the Chao is goofy when the Emerald Detector detects two Chaos Eneralds. Shadow then confronts Rouge, telling her he knows she has collected several Chaos Emeralds, but doesn't know how many and who hired her. She then beats him up after he told her about the "Ifrit". Later, she finds Eggman after telling Knuckles Shadow may have the Master Emerald, and he makes them fight the Egg Bull. Rouge finds herself destroying it in combat with Shadow.

Later, Rouge is told by her client that she needs to be at the Mystic Haunt Zone, but she puts it on ruse by saying Eggman has to be hiding in there. She then encounters Silver, who is still looking for Chao to save the world. They then break into an arguement, fleeing. She later uses her ears to locate Espio, wondering if he is her client. She then tries to force it out of him, when they find Eggman with Shadow and Metal Sonic. Eggman demands Rouge hands over her Chaos Emeralds, making her realize he is her client. She decides to keep the emeralds, when Silver and Espio show up and expose him as Eggman Nega. They then destroy the Egg Phantom.

However, Eggman Nega takes her six Chaos Emeralds and while Rouge is moping, the portal opens. Knuckles then drags her into the Chaotic Inferno Zone and they get split up. She then goes after him, looking for revenge. Suddenly, the Ifrit awakens and Knuckles falls under the Ifrit's control. Rouge then defeats the Ifrit and frees Knuckles, only to fall under this control herself. Knuckles saves her and they escape before the portal closes. However, the Master Emerald is revealed to be inside the Emerald Detector they took off Eggman Nega. Rouge then tempts Knuckles by calling him dashing and takes the detector. He then chases after her.

G.U.N. Spy

Rouge works with G.U.N. to chase the Marauders and won't let Sonic and Amy to G.U.N. HQ if Tails isn't there. She works with them to observe the Marauders under the GUN Commander's orders. Just before they depart for the Twilight Cage, Rouge is asked to gather some information about the Nocturnus Tech. She is in Knuckles' team and then watches as Super Sonic defeats Super Ix. They then return to their own dimension, only to find they have been gone several years and Eggman hs taken over the world, but they defeat him in an untold story.

Race to Win

Rouge enters a fake World Grand Prix with Shadow and a a mysterious blue E-10000 robot to get the prize money and treasure, but are fifteen minutes late. That's when she recuited E-10000B. After they were about to battle Team Rose, they said that they had already won and want the treasure, right before closing the ceremony they take the prize and leave. But they are informed by Omochao that the jewels they had taken were fake and - much to their dismay - they would have to attend the closing ceremonies to receive the actual treasures. They were even more upset when it was revealed there was no prize money.

An Agent reaches the stars

Rouge is sent to Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park by G.U.N. and tricks Knuckles into coming to the Starlight Carnival. They give Sonic two missions there.

A Celebration to Remember.

Rouge was celebrating Sonic's Birthday, when the Time Eater kidnapped them all and she was left frozen in City Escape. Modern Sonic rescued her and she admitted that this was the first time that she had been stolen, as she had been stealing gems all her life. She then appears with Shadow cheering both Sonics on at the Center of Time and at Sonic's continued birthday.


Rouge is a strong-minded young woman, a fearless, treasure hunting, ambitious, independent, flirty, greedy, ruthless, calculating narcissist who most people see as only caring for herself and her gems. Rouge is sassy, cheeky and somewhat playful which can be fun or even annoying for the other characters of the series. She has a lot of pride and starts to fight dirty when facing a superior opponent, such as Knuckles (when it comes to power) or Tails (when it comes to flight). She can also show a bashful side, such as the time Knuckles saved her life from falling into plasma and became very embarrassed before disguising it with disgust and outrage.

Rouge is also at times a government spy who works for her own good. Rouge has a great obsession for jewels or even anything else that shines or glitters. She has been known to seduce people with her attractiveness to get what she wants (such as kissing Tails in Sonic Battle). However, she has, on occasion, shown that she can be heroic. In the final events of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, she helped to save the planet. In Sonic Heroes, she stopped Shadow the Hedgehog and E-123 Omega from killing each other, and is seen battling Chaotix and Sonic as liabilities to her quest to finding Dr. Eggman's supposed hidden treasure room. In Sonic Battle, when Shadow was injured and needed a place to stay, Rouge helped him. In Shadow the Hedgehog, she did other laudable things, such as rescuing a Chaos Emerald from the doomed mainframe, destroying the evil monster Black Bull, and assisting Shadow in defeating Black Doom as well as showing concern for Shadow's welfare at the end of the game.

Recently, she has been becoming less selfish, as can be seen by her actions towards Shadow in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and Sonic Rivals. However, as shown in her portrayal in Sonic Free Riders, which depicts her as a very cold and only caring about her and the cash prize suggest that she has not changed, regarding her interest in jewels and riches. This is proved as she couldn't care less that her robot team member broke down and even went on to insult it as well.

Rouge is often known to switch between the sides of good and evil whether to succeed to get her jewelry or to save the world from danger.

Sonic X

In the first episode of Sonic X, Rouge is at Eggman's side, but later works for G.U.N. after being caught in a trap meant for Sonic. She becomes friends with her partner Topaz, a partnership that later extends to the Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 adaptions. In Season 2, Rouge returns to their dimension and leaves G.U.N, where she beats Knuckles up.

In Season 3, she travels with Eggman in the Crimson Egg, looking for the Chaos Emeralds. She even pilots her own ship. She leaves him with Shadow after the Cascade episode 68, where she worked with him to fight the Metarex on their own. They later worked with the crew of the Blue Typhoon to defeat Final Nova. After this, Rouge suspects Eggman knows what has happened to Shadow, but later declares war on him.

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