Route 101 is the ninth stage in the Hero Story and Miles "Tails" Prower's third stage. He rides the Cyclone, coverted into a car.


In Station Square, Tails and Amy are on the phone with Sonic. Tails is worried that the stolen Chaos Emeralds have been taken into space for use on the ARK for use by Dr. Eggman and Shadow. Then, Knuckles crawls out of the sewers behind them, saying he may have gotten lost in the mines. Tails then tells Sonic that he wants to catch up to the President. He then transforms the Cyclone into a kart and takes off.


Route 101 is very similar to Route 280. The only differences are that Route 101 has more rings and balloons, and less gaps in the road. Also instead of playing Rouge, the player controls Tails.


  • Route 101 is named after U.S Route 101, a U.S highway that runs along the West Coast of the U.S.
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