Security Hall is the eighth level in the Dark Story and Rouge's third stage. The theme for this level is I'm a Spy, which also provides as one of Rouge's themes


In order to steal more Chaos Emeralds for the Eclipse Cannon, Dr. Eggman suggests a three part plan. First he will distract the military guards of Prison Island. Then Shadow will place a bomb among G.U.N.'s weaponry that will explode in fifteen minutes. Rouge infiltrates the G.U.N. base and has five minutes to steal the three Chaos Emeralds G.U.N. has acquired and meet up with Shadow and Eggman before the bomb goes off.

Stage LayoutEdit

Rouge begins the level by defeating an enemy. She then moves on to explore the Hall and look for the emeralds. In this stage there are giant fans, springs, locks, and enemies as obstacle. Rouge must collect the three Chaos Emeralds hidden throughout the level in five minutes.


The Treasure Scope can be found in a room that is protected by steel boxes and you need the Mystic Melody.

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