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Shadow the Hedgehog
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Shadow in Sonic Rivals 2.

Shadow the Hedgehog is the Ultimate Life Form, immortal through the DNA of Black Doom. He greatly reassembles Sonic the Hedgehog and he is immortal, having gone through 250 years by the time of the future of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Early LifeEdit

Shadow was the final result of Project: Shadow. Gerald Robotnik created him, but he could not finish the project on his own, so he contacted the Black Comet, which was going through it's circle visit. Black Doom agreed to help Gerald, on the condition that Gerald would bring him the Chaos Emeralds. However, Gerald learned what Black Doom was really after and developed the Eclipse Cannon. However, he finished creating Shadow anyway.

Once he was created, Shadow became friends with Gerald's granddagughter, Maria Robotnik. He wasn't sure what it was like on Earth, but he was certain Gerald wanted him for something connected with Earth. Once, he and Maria stopped the Artificial Chaos from attacking the reaserchers, but one day G.U.N. landed on the colony. When they found the Biolizard, they shut down the colony and attacked Maria and Shadow. They were able to defeat Heavy Dog, but just as they were escaping, Heavy Dog's pilot shot Maria, making her near death. She encapsulated him and ejected him to the planet before dying, but not before she asked him to give the humans a chance to be happy.

However, Shadow's capsule landed on Prison Island, where he was found by Gerald. Gerald made Shadow believe Maria wanted revenge, causing him to get agitated and plot how to avenge her.

Fighting for a FriendEdit

50 years later, G.U.N. created some new robots, and so to combat them, Eggman hacked into their database and not only did he gain access to their robot designs, but he also found Gerald's diary, who just happened to be his grandfather. Using that, Eggman broke into Prison Island using his new Egg Walker and used the White Chaos Emerald to resurrect Shadow from suspended animation, and Shadow promised to grant Eggman one wish, showing his power by destroying a Hot Shot. He told Eggman to bring more Chaos Emeralds to the Space Colony ARK.

He then robbed a bank of the Green Chaos Emerald, destroying the military's guard robots. G.U.N. mistook him for Sonic the Hedgehog and imprisoned him. Sonic escaped and he and Shadow first met when Sonic destroyed a Big Foot. He showed himself inferior using the Chaos Emerald to induce a Chaos Control. He escaped to the Space Colony, and showed Eggman the Eclipse Cannon and that he needed the seven Chaos Emeralds to reactivate it's true power, using the White and Green Chaos Emeralds to destroy some stars. Rouge the Bat made a deal with them, handing over her Blue Chaos Emerald to Eggman and promising to show him where the other Chaos Emeralds were.

They returned to Prison Island, which angered Eggman, not wanting to return there. To keep that from happening again, Eggman made a plan: having Rouge retrieve the Chaos Emeralds while Shadow destroyed the island. However, they ran into Amy Rose, who mistook him for Sonic and hugged him. He set the timer onto the armoury packs, when Rouge sent him a distress call: she was trapped in a cell with the Chaos Emeralds. Quickly, Shadow made his way through the Green Forest, when he ran into Sonic again. After a brief fight, Eggman called Shadow and warned him to get away. Shadow then raced into Rouge's cell, using Chaos Control with the three Chaos Emeralds to warp onto the Space Colony before Prison Island exploded.

Remembering looking through the same window with Maria, Shadow was told by Eggman that the Eclipse Cannon was ready for the demonstration. Using it's power, Eggman created havoc on the planet by blowing up half of the moon. However, it would take too long to recharge, so Rouge showed him a newspaper showing that the last Chaos Emerald was in the posession of Miles "Tails" Prower, so Shadow returned to Earth to find them. He later returned, when Eggman tossed Sonic into a space capsule and it exploded, killing him.

Shadow then found out Rouge was actually Agent Rouge from G.U.N., and she had been hired to reaserch Project Shadow and she had guessed that the Biolizard was the real Shadow and Shadow wasn't. Shadow then heads to the Eclipse Cannon's center through Final Rush, finding out Sonic wasn't dead. He had used Chaos Control to warp back onto the ARK with a fake Chaos Emerald. Shadow defeated hm before he could destroy the Eclipse Cannon, allowing Eggman to implant the Yellow Chaos Emerald inside, only to do what Shadow wanted: activate Gerald's crash program, infusing the Chaos Emeralds to the Cannon's Core to transform it into a megabomb. The ARK then began to fall to the Earth, leaving only 27 minutes and 53 seconds until it crashed into the planet and killed everyone on it.

However, Amy reminded Shadow of Maria's true wish and he helped Sonic and Knuckles to stop the Chaos Emeralds by distracting the Biolizard while Knuckles disabled the Chaos Emeralds with the Master Emerald. However, the Biolizard refused to let the colony stop and absorbed the emerald's power, using Chaos Control to warp to the outside of the space colony and fusing with the Eclipse Cannon, transforming into a being known as the FinalHazard. Sonic and Shadow then absorbed the Chaos Emeralds, transforming into Super Sonic and Super Shadow. Together, they defeated the FinalHazard and then held back the blow. Eventually, Shadow hears Maria's voice in his head, causing his friendship to supercharge him, taking off his limiter rings and release a Chaos Control which warps drains off his power, causing him to fall to the Earth and was presumed dead.

A deadly returnEdit

After this, Eggman found his body and put it in one of his bases. He also copied Shadow's design, creating Shadow Androids. However, he is found by Rouge the Bat, who reactivates him and saves her from an attack from E-123 Omega. They eventually settle their differences and form Team Dark to find Eggman. After defeating the Egg Hawk, Team Chaotix, and the Robot Carnival, they defeat Eggman at the Rail Canyon in the Egg Albatross, however it proves to actually be a fake. Shadow looks at a destroyed Shadow Android before Team Dark runs off to the Frog Forest, not seeing Neo Metal Sonic copying their data.

At the Frog Forest, they battle Team Sonic, who are suprised to see Shadow. After a brief battle, they venture toward the Hang Castle, where they defeat the Robot Storm and board the Egg Fleet, defeating the Egg Emperor, although it proved to be a fake too. After Rouge fails to find Eggman's secret treasure aboard the Final Fortress, she decides she will go find the Master Emerald. Prior to this, they obtained the Green and White Chaos Emeralds.

After this, they find themselves up against Metal Madness, who was imposing Eggman the whole time to copy their data. Team Dark hands the Chaos Emeralds to Team Sonic and delay Metal Madness until Team Sonic can become Team Super Sonic and defeat Metal Overlord. After this, Omega takes posession of the deactivated Metal Sonic and Shadow leaves Team Dark to discover his past.

Learning the PastEdit

After Metal Sonic's defeat, Shadow was thinking to the one memory he had left when the Black Comet returned, allowing the Black Arms to attack Westopolis. Black Doom then told Shadow to collect the Chaos Emeralds and bring themto him as promised, but Shadow had no idea who he was, so he didn't know what he was talking about. Shadow began collecting the Chaos Emeralds, starting with the Green and Blue ones. After learning that Doom's Eye has found the third Chaos Emerald, Shadow and Sonic race after him and crash their tank. He then defeated the Black Bull, obtaining the Yellow Chaos Emerald. However, Black Doom mentioned Gerald and Shadow somehow knew. After telling him that Gerald was his maker, Doom teleported Shadow into the Glyphic Canyon, where he decided to find out what they were up to.

After he reactivated the temple jewels, they suddenly lifted up and raised into the air, revealing them to be the Sky Troops battleships. However, Eggman attackd them with his Egg Fleet and forced them to a jungle near Central City. Shadow became puzzled until Black Doom showed him the image of 50 years ago. Destroying Heavy Dog, Shadow then ventured into Central City with the Black Arms and destroyed it.

After this, Shadow warped onto Prison Island and had a flashback of waking up there. After this he helped Charmy find five top-secret disks, he found himself in Cryptic Castle, where he teamed up with Amy to find Cream and Cheese. He then defeated the Egg Breaker, when the fourth Chaos Emerald flew into the Circus Park. Shadow ran after it, only to find it in the posession of Tails, powering the Tornado 3. Eggman shot it down and Shadow raced after it, retrieving the Chaos Emerald inside. Shadow then returned to Cryptic Castle, where he helped Team Chaotix enter the Mad Matrix cyberworld with Espio the Chameleon. They took down the Egg Breaker plans, with Eggman claiming Shadow "had no past". They then escaped the cyberspace.

After this, Shadow ventured into the Death Ruins, where Rouge told him that the Black Arms had been forced into the Iron Jungle by Eggman's Badniks. After they took down the Black Bull again, Shadow ventured into the Iron Jungle, finding himself face to face with some Shadow Androids. He and Omega ventured into the Lava Shelter, where Shadow defeated the Egg Breaker again, but Eggman claimed Shadow was a Shadow Android too. After this, Shadow and Sonic raced after the Black Arms to The ARK, where Shadow retrieved the Cyan Chaos Emerald, remembering fighting off the insane Artificial Chaos with Maria.

Shadow then encountered the GUN Commander, who blamed Shadow for his family's death and tried to kill Shadow, but he escaped and proceeded to defeat Eggman in the Egg Dealer with Vector. He then used the Red Chaos Emerald to regain his past and proclaimed himself protector of the ARK, before Eggman corrects him, revealing the emerald in his posession is fake. He and Sonic find themselves against Doom's Eye and Blue Falcon, who's pilot had not been told of Shadow reforming. After destroying it, the pilot was told and Shadow saw the Black Comet, which had returned. Shadow and Sonic made their way to the comet, where Shadow defeated Black Doom and retrieved the real Red Chaos Emerald, although he and Knuckles broke into a fight with Sonic and Diablon.

Final Haunt/The Last WayEdit

However, before Shadow can unlock his past, Black Doom rises from the floor and reveals that he does not want to destroy the planet, but to use the humans as a fuel source for the Black Arms in front of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge and Eggman. Doom then took the Chaos Emeralds and used their power to warp the Black Comet to the surface, where it took root in the wrecks of Central City. Shadow was shocked by the fact that he was created to do both the bidding for Black Doom and for Gerald's reaserch. Team Sonic was then frozen by a gas, but Shadow put the past behind him and destroyed a Death Leech that was attempting to suck the life out of him. Shadow then chased Black Doom down The Last Way.

However, when he found him, he was taken under Black Doom's control, making the fate of the world near. However, Charmy (accidently) activated a message from Gerald, which told him of his intention to destroy the Black Comet with the power of the Eclipse Cannon. This made Shadow immune to Black Doom's mind control, and he then attacked him. Black Doom evaded it and used Chaos Control to fuse with the Comet, becoming a giant creature known as Devil Doom. Shadow then took the Chaos Emeralds, transforming into Super Shadow and defeating Devil Doom by freezing time with Chaos Control and then blasting his eye with Chaos Spear. He then warped the comet back into space, where Vector shot it with the Eclipse Cannon and destroyed it.

Shadow was last seen on the ARK, looking at a picture of Maria and Gerald before tossing it away, saying "goodbye forever, Shadow the Hedgehog".

The Ultimate WeaponEdit

One day, Shadow ventured into the Gimme Shelter and found Emerl and Rouge. Rouge claimed Emerl was a Gizoid, a legendary weapon, the ultimate life form that was 4000 years older than Shadow. They then took down two Guard Robos. He was injured and she took him to Club Rouge.

Later, Shadow found Emerl, but it had already established a Link with Sonic. After he was beaten, he left, telling Sonic not to let Eggman get ahold of Emerl. He then beat up Tails in Central City, but left him with the Gizoid. He later went to Emerald Town, ready to give Emerl his seventh Chaos Emerald.

However, Sonic reminded him that he saved the world once for Maria, which proposed that Shadow and Emerl both had hearts. Just then, Emerl showed up, having detected Shadow's Chaos Emerald. Sonic requested Emerl went with Shadow to see who he truely was. However, in Central City, they ran into Chaos Gamma. Shadow and Emerl beat him up, making him wonder why he couldn't unlock the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

They then left for Gimme Shelter. Rouge told him that Professor Gerald created them both, reactivating Emerl with a Chaos Emerald. He had been forced to make weapons and Gerald's wish had come true. Shadow then gave Emerl the last Chaos Emerald, transforming him into Ultimate Emerl. Shadow beat up Emerl to show his power, but Rouge left for home and Emerl went to say hello to Sonic, Tails and all of his friends.

Emerl then beat Shadow at Speed Highway. Shadow approved he was equal to him. However, all got into a fight, Emerl vs. Sonic AND Shadow. However, Emerl won anyway and Shadow left Emerl to train with Sonic.

Later, Eggman threatened the world with his Death Egg and Final Egg Blaster. Emerl warped onto the Death Egg and defeated him, but Eggman blew up some stars which caused him to malfunction and try to destroy Earth. Sonic tried to use the Master Emerald to stop him, but Emerl shattered it. Sonic then destroyed Emerl, and Shadow recognised this as Gerald's final insatllation: if a weapon goes out of control it will terminate itself.

Dealing with the DevilEdit

A week later, the commander became a grandfather and invited Shadow over as part of his apology. Shadow became an agent of G.U.N. and started helping G.U.N. with Rouge. One day, Rouge went missing when going to Dr. Eggman's White Acropolis base. 26 hours later, Shadow ventured there and rescued her, destroying the Egg Cerberus. They then went to the G.U.N. rendevous point in Kingdom Valley.

However, Eggman attacked them with an army of Egg Gunners, when he punched Rouge with his Eggmobile. Shadow chose to save Rouge, while the Scepter of Darkness she had in her posession shattered. A strange smoke flew out, which later absorbed Shadow's shadow, transforming into a being known as Mephiles the Dark, who somehow knew Shadow. He then sucked them up in an ability similar to Chaos Control, sending them 200+ years into the future.

Sonic, Knuckles and Tails arrived in the future as well, having been sucked into that time by Eggman's time machine. They teamed up, while Shadow and Rouge were lucky enough to find the Green Chaos Emerald in Crisis City. They also found a destroyed E-123 Omega, who was in standby mode. They then left for the Flame Core, where they took down Iblis. They criss-crossed their Chaos Controls, sending Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Rouge back to the present, but Shadow notices Mephiles and chases him. He takes him on, immune to Mephiles' manipulation of him being imprisoned in the future, but falls prey to Mephiles' new crystalliane form. He gets assisted by E-123 Omega, who was told of the situation by Rouge. They chased Mephiles back to the present, where they learned from Rouge that Eggman was after Mephiles, and he ran after Eggman while Rouge and Omega kept track of Mephiles.

Eggman told him that if Shadow wants to know about Mephiles, he needs to learn about the Soleanna disaster 10 years ago. He told him to capture Mephiles and bring him to the Ratical Train. After that, Silver the Hedgheog attacked Sonic and tried to kill him, under the tricks of Mephiles. This allowed Elise to be kidnapped by Eggman again, so Shadow held Silver off while Sonic chased after Eggman. He told him that Mephiles lied, and took him back in time to the past, where he learned of the disaster: a prototype energy engine in the Solaris Project failed, creating Mephiles and Iblis. Silver seals Iblis in Elise, while Shadow seals Mephiles in the Scepter of Darkness, understanding hy Mephiles is so agitated at him.

They return to the present, and Shadow tells Rouge to gather information about the Scepter of Darkness. He then finds Omega and Mephiles at the Wave Ocean, where Omega reveals that he captured Shadow in the future. Team Dark journey to the Dusty Desert, where Mephiles has retrieved the Yellow Chaos Emerald. Shadow refuses to join him and beats him, but the new Scepter of Darkness fails because Mephiles absorbed Shadow's shadow, so he is immune to it. He then takes Shadow's Chaos Emerald and creates an army of clones. Shadow then takes off his limiter rings and destroys all the clones with a Chaos Blast. After this, Team Dark takes view of their handywork and Shadow attempts to take Mephiles' Chaos Emeralds, when they start glowing and teleport them into the End of Time.

Shadow, along with everyone, show sadness at Sonic's death, when Silver comes up with the plan to use the Chaos Emeralds to resurrect Sonic and then defeat Solaris all at once. Shadow retrieves the Red Chaos Emerald from Kingdom Valley, and then Super Sonic transforms him and Silver into Super Shadow and Super Shadow. Shadow then destroys Solaris in the past, which sends Elise and Sonic into the past. This erases these events from history, leaving Shadow's future open. He then attacks Eggman's base anyway.

Helping the DoctorEdit

Shadow recieves a distress signal from Eggman, when six hours later he finds Silver chasing Eggman. Not remembering him, Shadow chases after the Doctor, only for Eggman to deny ever sending him a transmission. Suddenly, he recieves a message from Rouge, stating she had found something about the doctor, and he races after her.

He races after Eggman with Knuckles, when Eggman attacks him with his robots, then Shadow recieves another transmission from Rouge. However, it is cut off as Rouge is turned into a card. Shadow then finds himself in the Sky Park with Sonic. He then finds out Eggman has trapped Rouge inside a card, so he defeats Metal Sonic.

When he arrives at Crystal Mountain, he finds Eggman has a card of himself, which confuses him. After he defeats the Egg Lynx, when Silver tells him that Eggman is actually Eggman Nega and the real Eggman is the one turned in a card. Eggman Nega exposes himself and tells him that he is a descendant of Eggman who came to the past to change his destiny. He then defeats Metal Sonic again, improgrammed with the data of their last batttle. He takes down the Egg Kong, which makes Eggman Nega very angry. He races to space to turn the entire planet into a card. Eggman, who Shadow put back in the flesh, takes Shadow and Silver to the Meteor Base, where Shadow and Sonic defeat the Egg Destroyer and Shadow retrieves Rouge's card, while Silver retrieves the camera and turns Eggman Nega into a card. However, Rouge pulls the Meteor Base into the future along with all the cards Eggman Nega had.

Later, Shadow arrives at the Blue Coast Zone, where he finds Metal Sonic, and Eggman contacts him through a speaker in Metal Sonic. Eggman tells Shadow he needs Shadow's help or the world will be destroyed. Espio and Silver show up, and Metal Sonic goes after Espio while Shadow finds Silver. Shadow gets into a fight with Silver, when he finds himself face to face with Eggman. However, the speaker on Metal Sonic reveals that it is actually Eggman Nega. In a clash with Silver, Shadow destroys the Egg Liner.

Eggman Nega escaped into the Sunset Forest Zone, where he learns that Eggman Nega needs the Chaos Emeralds for his "ultimate plan". However, Eggman is unable to communicate with Shadow and he breaks into a fight with Knuckles, who wants to use Eggman's Emerald Detector to find the Master Emerald. After this, he finds Eggman Nega, but he is unable to determin wether it is Eggman Nega or not. He then defeats the Egg Crawler in combat with Knuckles.

Shadow races into the Neon Palace Zone, where he thinks he can get into contact with Eggman. However, Sonic interrupts him and he and Metal Sonic get away. However, Eggman tells him that Eggman Nega has taken control of his Badniks and they are destroying his base. Shadow then destroys Eggman's Badniks, when Sonic requests to know why he is after Knuckles and Rouge and is with Metal Sonic. Shadow then knocks Sonic out. Eggman tells Shadow that Eggman Nega was communicating with someone, when Nega attacks them. He then imposers Eggman in front of Sonic, who gives them the challenge to see who can destroy the Egg Dealer first.

After Shadow destroys it, he and Metal Sonic escape into the Frontier Canyon Zone. Eggman tells Shadow that Eggman Nega got some files from Gerald's diary, telling of a super-dimensional being called the Ifrit and Eggman Nega wants to release it using the seven Chaos Emeralds. When they find Knuckles and Rouge, Shadow keeps Knuckles distracted by having Metal Sonic collect Rings while Shadow talks to Rouge. However, she doesn't tell him how many Chaos Emeralds she has and she does tell him someone hired her, though she doesn't tell him who. He chases after her and knocks her out. Eggman suggests it's Eggman Nega, but Nega stops them from knowing any more. He and Rouge find themselves destroying the Egg Bull.

In Mystic Haunt Zone, Shadow and Metal Sonic lose their connection with Eggman. Metal Sonic goes after Knuckles and Rouge while Shadow goes in to find the last Chaos Emerald. Shadow knocks out Silver and then gets to Eggman. He tells him to get the six Chaos Emeralds from Knuckles and Rouge while he and Metal Sonic look for the last emerald, but when Knuckles, Rouge, Silver and Espio arrive, he is revealed to be Eggman Nega. Shadow then angrily destroys the Egg Phantom, but Rouge loses her six Chaos Emeralds. However, the portal opens anyway and Eggman Nega sends Metal Sonic 3.0 into the Chaotic Inferno Zone to awaken the Ifrit. Luckily, Eggman finds Gerald's diary and tells them of a switch to close the portal from the inside. Shadow and Metal Sonic jump through the portal and into the Chaotic Inferno Zone.

In the Chaotic Inferno Zone, Shadow finds Eggman Nega's copy of Metal Sonic and stops him from awakening the Ifrit. He then closes the portal, but the Ifrit and Metal Sonic 3.0 keep them away, while Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Silver and Espio escape. The portal closes, but Shadow and Metal Sonic defeat Metal Sonic 3.0 and the Ifrit, destroying the Ifrit and leaving Eggman Nega and Metal Sonic 3.0 in the Ifrit's dimension. Metal Sonic then cuts open his chassis, revealing the Green Chaos Emerald, which was powering him all along. This was the reason the portal opened. Shadow then Chaos Controls them back into their own dimension.

Searching for OmegaEdit

Omega went missing while going to Metropolis to find Eggman and Shadow went after him. He used an Eggman Tracker to try to locate him, but Sonic and the others defeated him and took it. He then joined up with them to find him in the Blue Ridge Zone. However, upon finding Omega in standby mode in Metropolis, he learns that Omega was attacked by the Marauders and permanently teams up with Sonic, Amy, Tails, Rouge, Big, Knuckles, Cream and Eggman.

After defeating Ix at Mystic Ruins, Angel Island crashed into Metropolis, making it even more wrecked. Tails and Eggman built the Cyclone and used it to enter the Twilight Cage, where they retrieved 5 Chaos Emeralds. With the help of the Kron, N'rrgal, Zoah and Voxai, they entered Nocturne and Shadow joined Knuckles, Shade, Rouge and Omega to chase down Scylla, retrieving his Chaos Emerald.

However, they were captured by Ix, and they took him down again before Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream and Big arrive, defeating Ix, before he uses the Master Emerald to become Super Ix. They were all worn out, but Sonic used the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic and defeat Ix before they escaped the Twilight Cage, only to find that time in the Twilight Cage is slower than in the original dimension and Eggman has rebuilt his Eggman Empire, shooting the Cyclone out of the sky. They then take on Eggman, defeating him in an untold story.

Winner Takes AllEdit

Shadow and Rouge entered the World Grand Prix to get their hands on the treasure King Doc was giving out. However, they didn't realize it was against the rules to race with two. Luckily, Rouge spotted a blue E-10000 robot and tempted him into the competition. Shadow agreed, saying he looked tough enough, then facing Team Babylon. E-10000B beat up Storm, but then the race started. Team Dark won, but E-10000B fast-talked over Omachao, annoying him.

However, they had to face up against Team Heroes, with Sonic very impressed how easily they beat Jet. However, after the first race, E-10000B requested rest. Sonic tried to face up to Shadow, but he lost. They had to face Team Rose, but were certain they'd win.

However, E-10000B broke down. They allowed a 2-on 3 race, and Team Dark beat Team Rose. He then stole the cash purse and treasure from the Grand Prix Headquaters, only to be told they were dummy props for display by Omachao. They had to attend to the award ceremony to get the real prize, which was very annoying.

It became even more annoying when King Doc duped them, putting up an "ultimate gear jocky robot" in the REAL finals in Metal City. Shadow realized this was really Eggman but E-10000B returned so the Final Final Round continued. After the race that Sonic won, Shadow's guess was proven true, where Eggman was revealed to have been using the E-10000 to copy their data. However, after a race with Eggman, Sonic won.

This was confusing, as Eggman should have been unbeatable on a data-plugged in Extreme Gear. Shadow and Tails wondered if this was due to E-10000B breaking down. However, E-10000B then exploded, revealing Metal Sonic inside, because he had duped Eggman, keeping the data for himself and passing fake info onto Eggman. Sonic then defeated Metal Sonic, revealing Eggman had no cash prize. Shadow and Rouge were upset, having joined for nothing.

Aiding Sonic and TailsEdit

Shadow appeared at the Asteroid Cosater where he and Omega aided Sonic and Tails. He first appeared when Sonic and Tails discussed how gloomy the Asteroid Coster was and how it didn't feel like an amusement park. Shadw then showed up, saying "finally" as if he thought he was the only one. He demanded that Sonic and Tails defeated Eggman and he tested if Sonic hadn't gone soft by having him defeat 15 enemies. Once this was done, he left once he said Sonic ha'dn't gone soft, but Sonic and Tails heard this.

He and Omega later showed up asking if Sonic could retrieve a file of Eggman's secret ride. They found something on "Project: Mother", where it failed and escaped. Shadow was disappointed, but Sonic said "every little helps" and he and Tails raced off. Shadow said he was alright with leaving all the racing to them and Omega claimed his data said his ability equals Sonic's and Shadow said that that only showed that data doesn't show you everything.

A Second Chance to Settle the ScoreEdit

Shadow somehow gets sucked into the White Space by the Time Eater, where he gets ahold of the Yellow Chaos Emerald. He does not care they are, as long as he gets the chance to settle the score with Sonic. They take on each other down Final Rush, but Sonic wins and Shadow gives him the Yellow Chaos Emerald.

Shadow then cheers Modern and Classic Sonic on at the Center of Time. After they destroy the Time Eater, Shadow joins the others at Sonic's Birthday, but stays out of sight as much as possible.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shadow is able to use the Shadow Boost, his version of Sonic Boost. He is also able to use multiple Chaos powers.

Chaos ControlEdit

When Shadow uses Chaos Control he either becomes imvincible and tears through anything he can find, or freezes time. He gains the power to warp.

Chaos SpearEdit

Chaos Spear launches a powerful spear made of Chaos Energy, which can beat Devil Doom's eye.

Chaos Blast and Chaos BoostEdit

Chaos Blast releases a blast field of Chaos Energy, destroying everything in it. In Sonic the Hedgehog, it is a charge of energy inside a Chaos Boost.

Shadow also posesses immortality, having being 50 years old in the series and his future self being 250 years old.


Shadow is cold-hearted, and is mostly occupied with protecting Earth, on Maria's wish. He is also quite cocky, as he thought the fight against Solaris in the past would be a fair fight.


Maria RobotnikEdit

Maria was Shadow's best friend before G.U.N. came and killed her. Shadow plotted the 50 years he was in Prison Island trying to avenge her. After Space Colony ARK nearly crashed into the planet, Shadow became fueled to correct his mistake, saving Earth.

After this, Shadow could not work out who she was until he regained the secrets of his past and became fueled to keep Maria's wish.

Doctor EggmanEdit

When Eggman freed him from Prison Island, Shadow thanked him by granting him a wish: showing him how to conquer the world using the Eclipse Cannon. However, Shadow was just using Eggman to get revenge for Maria. After he found out this, Eggman had a rivalry with Shadow, attacking him and Rouge in the Aquatic Base. However, in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2, Eggman requests Shadow's help to stop Eggman Nega.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Sonic is Shadow's friendly rival. At first, they were enemies due to Shadow impostering Sonic and making the miliary believe Shadow was robbing banks of Chaos Emeralds, but after they fight twice, they team up to stop Space Colony ARK. They then combine their Chaos Controls to stop the Space Colony from reaching the Earth from the planet's gravity. Sonic then bids his worthy opponen farewell.

In Sonic Heroes, Sonic is suprised to see Shadow alive, but in Shadow the Hedgehog, they are more friendly. They team up to stop the Black Arms from destroying Westopolis and later to reach the Cyan Chaos Emerald from Space Colony ARK. They break into a fight, but resolve their differences and take down Black Doom, and Shadow takes care of Sonic's job when he is the only one who can save Earth.

In Sonic Battle, they are competetive as Shadow tries to get ahold of Emerl. Later, Shadow helps Sonic escape from Silver's future and later saves him from Silver. He later retrieves the Red Chaos Emerald to revive Sonic and then teams up with him and Silver to destroy Solaris.

They are rivals in Sonic Rivals, but later team up to defeat Eggman Nega. However, in Sonic Rivals 2, they are not allies. In most games that Shadow has appeared in, they have broke into a fight. In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, they fight three times before Shadow teams up with them, and he says "you... you've been practising". In Sonic Free Riders they race with Extreme Gear and later in Sonic Generations, they once again fight in Final Rush.

Rouge the BatEdit

Rouge is one of Shadow's closest friends, when they team up. In Sonic Adventure 2, they work together to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds, but Shadow then catches Rouge smuggling top-secret information to the President. He then threatens to kill her if she takes the Chaos Emeralds, but then takes Shadow's limiter rings when he was supposed dead. However, their friendship is not fully formed until Sonic Heroes, where she releases Shadow from Eggman's base and stops him from killing Omega. They work together through most of the game, until the point where Rouge leaves to find the Master Emerald.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge is one of Shadow's allies who helps him regain his memory and in Sonic the Hedgehog, she is Shadow's first amigo, who aids him in pursuing Mephiles. When he rescues her, she says "Shadow? Why you?" and he replies "It's a request from the President".

However, in Sonic Rivals 2, their friendship is quite broken and when Shadow requests to know who hired Rouge to find the Chaos Emeralds, she trips him and claims he is clumsy, causing him to beat her up. They later get into rival fights again when against the Egg Bull. Their friendship, however, is better in the prequel Sonic Rivals when Shadow saves Rouge from Eggman Nega and later mended when they work together in Sonic Free Riders.

They are finally seen together cheering Sonic on at the Center of Time in Sonic Generations.

Amy RoseEdit

Amy is one of the people that reminds Shadow of Maria, who hugs him thinking he is Sonic in Sonic Adventure 2. Later, she reminds him of Maria's true wish and convinces him to save the world. They don't see eye-to-eye in Sonic Heroes, but in Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow helps her find Cream and Cheese in the Cryptic Castle. They also work together to resurrect Sonic.

Miles "Tails" ProwerEdit

When they first meet, they are enemies because of Shadow impersonating Sonic, but they later work together to save Earth. They fight in Sonic Heroes, but in Shadow the Hedgehog they work together to find the Tornado 3 and in Sonic the Hedgehog, they work together to escape Silver's future and later to resurrect Sonic.

They are enemies again in Sonic Rivals 2 and Sonic Free Riders, where they are on opposing teams.

E-123 OmegaEdit

They first meet in Sonic Heroes, where Omega attacks him, thinking he is a creation of Eggman. Rouge breaks the fight up and they make up, starting to work together to stop find Eggman. After the defeat of Metal Overlord, they take posession of Metal Sonic, and later work together to take down the second Egg Breaker in Iron Jungle.

Later, Shadow and Rouge find Omega disassembled in Crisis City and Omega aids Shadow in the future. After defeating Mephiles, Omega confesses that he captured Shadow in the future, but they carry on working together until they defeat Mephiles and resurrect Sonic. Omega then watches as Sonic, Silver and Shadow defeat Solaris.

In Sonic Chronicles, Shadow searches for Omega after going missing in Metropolis. After they reactivate him, they take down Ix together, and work together to defeat Eggman in an untold story.

Knuckles the EchidnaEdit

Knuckles helps Shadow accomplish Maria's true wish, and later they fight in Sonic Heroes. In Shadow the Hedgehog, they work together to settle a friendly competetion with Sonic and Diablon.

Later, in Sonic the Hedgehog, they work together to escape Silver's future and later to resurrect Sonic. However, in Sonic Rivals and 2, they are rivals due to them being on different teams, which is the same on Sonic Free Riders. Shadow is later on Knuckles' team when they defeat Ix.

Metal SonicEdit

In Sonic Heroes, Metal Sonic is the main enemy and Shadow helps stall for time against Metal Madness until Team Super Sonic defeat him. He then takes posession of him when he deactivates. It is unknown how Eggman Nega got him off them, but they are rivals and enemies in Sonic Rivals.

However, in Sonic Rivals 2, they are allies. Eggman has Metal Sonic hunt Shadow down so he can help stop Eggman Nega. Metal Sonic then becomes Shadow's partner for the rest of the game. At the end, when they get trapped in the Chaotic Inferno Zone, Metal Sonic cuts open his chassis, revealing the seventh Chaos Emerald which was in him all along. In Sonic Free Riders, Metal Sonic impersonates a blue E-10000 robot called E-10000B and teams up with Shadow and Rouge so he can copy their moves. However, they were selfish enough to force him to race even though he said he wanted rest, until he exploded, releasing Metal Sonic who ran away.

Team ChaotixEdit

Although Shadow is not a part of Team Chaotix, he worked with Charmy to retrieve five top-secret disks on Prison Island, helped them enter Eggman's database, worked with Espio in the Mad Matrix to destroy the Egg Breaker plans and later, Vector helped him defeat the Egg Dealer. He then warped the Black Comet to the ARK so Vector could destroy it with the Eclipse Cannon.

Black DoomEdit

Black Doom is Shadow's surrogate father other than Gerald. At first, they were enemies until Shadow was warped into the Glyphic Canyon by him. They started to work together, when Shadow learned what he was up to and tried to kill him. On the Black Comet, they fought and Shadow proved victorious, retrieving the Red Chaos Emerald. However, Doom took them and teleported the Black Comet to the surface, planning to use it's powers to make humans fuel the Black Arms.

Shadow then fought against Black Doom as Super Shadow and Devil Doom. Shadow eventually emerged victorious, nearly killing Doom, but because of him being immortal, Black Doom survived.


Shadow may have feelings for Elise, as he looked at her picture in Eggman's base, he looked at it in a strange way, as if she reminded him of Maria. He also distracts Silver so Sonic can rescue her, and they work together at the end of the game.

Silver the HedgehogEdit

Silver is a descendant of Sonic who came to the present to change his future. They fight when Shadow protects Sonic from Silver's attempt to kill him until Shadow reveals Mephiles lied to him. They then work together to seal Mephiles and Iblis in the past and later to destroy Solaris. However, after the events of Sonic '06 were erased, Shadow and Silver never met and don't meet until Sonic Rivals. They are rivals and work together to reach the Meteor Base. However, in Sonic Rivals 2 they are not allies and Silver fought Shadow to stop him from getting in his way.

Eggman NegaEdit

Eggman Nega is Shadow's main enemy in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2. In Sonic Rivals, Shadow mistakes him for the Doctor, until he sees Eggman's card and Silver exposes him. Shadow then beats him up and in Sonic Rivals 2, Shadow mistakes him for the Doctor for only a second until Eggman explains that Nega is posing as him. Shadow then leaves Eggman Nega in the Chaotic Inferno Zone.

Theme SongsEdit

Sonic XEdit

In Sonic X, Shadow awakened in the same way he did in Sonic Adventure 2. In the attack on Prison Island, Shadow kidnapped Christopher Thorndyke and took him and Rouge to the ARK. When the ARK began to fall, Chris begged Shadow to stop the ARK, and Shadow removed and lost his limiter rings, destroying the FinalHazard.

Rouge later found Shadow in a capsule on the Crimson Egg. He later awakened and destroyed a Meterax with the Red Chaos Emerald, retrieving the Purple one. He then helped Sonic destroy the Scarship. However, Chris returned the Limiter Rings to him on the attack on the Meterax fortress, when Shadow tried to hurt him. He then transformed into Super Shadow and battled Sonic as Super Sonic. They eventually created a gravity field which scattered the Chaos Emeralds around. After this, Shadow became wondered about Eggman's true intentions.

Later, he met an orange-haired girl named Molly, who was fighting for her planet Cascade. However, Molly's troops and comrade Leon turned against her, making a deal with Pale Bay Leaf. Molly was then killed by Bay Leaf's ship, and Shadow gave the White Chaos Emerald to Eggman, before he and Rouge left to fight the Meterax on their own. Later, Shadow found Leon being consumed by a tree and he gave Shadow information before he died, revealing Cosmo was an unwilling Meterax spy.

However, to give Team Sonic their own safety, Cosmo had to be killed. Shadow tried to do this, but Tails refused. Eventually, Shadow journeyed with Team Chaotix to take down Dark Oak. He was unable to stop him from becoming Final Nova, but eventually, he and Sonic got ahold of the Chaos Emeralds and used them to destroy Dark Oak, but the Planet Egg began to release it's power. To save them, Shadow absorbed all the Chaos Energy out of Sonic and froze time with Chaos Control, keeping it from exploding. Shadow's fate then is unknown.


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