20px The Shovel Claws... 20px
Knuckles upon finding the Shovel Claws in Hawk's house in Sonic X.

The Shovel Claws are an upgrade for Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic Adventure 2. They are a pair of hooked metal plates with spiked claws that can be attached to Knuckles' gloves, and is made specifically to enhance Knuckles' digging abilities, allowing him to dig. They are equivalent to Rouge the Bat's Pick Nails.


Knuckles finds them in Pumpkin Hill, on a platform just in front of the starting point of the level. They are the only mandatory upgrade for Knuckles here, as at least one of the Emerald Shards in the level will be hidden underground, requiring the upgrade to get to it.

Sonic XEdit

In Sonic X, they are sent to Earth by Chaos Control and inside an old temple where Hawk digs them out along with the Red Chaos Emerald. In The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk, Knuckles stresses a rage in Hawk's home, destroying a pillar and a bag containing the Shovel Claws falls onto his head. He then uses the Shovel Claws to dig up the buried Chaos Emerald.

He uses them several times later, including baring Chaos 6's head for Sonic's attack, digging up the Blue Chaos Emerald on Sekko and attacking Team Chaotix after they painted his face.

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