Sky Rail is the eleventh stage of the Dark Story in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow's third stage. It is the same as Knuckles' Pumpkin Hill level, except that it takes place in the day instead of night. The music for this stage is called "Mr. Unsmiley".


  • As soon as you start off on this stage, you will be grinding down a rail. Look to the right side of the mountain. You should see some sort of steel device with a wheel at the end coming out of the mountain. Now look where the device and the mountain come together, you should barely see Big's head poking out (Dreamcast only).
  • The beginning of the stage in the Dreamcast version is different in the GameCube remake noticeably missing the platform underneath the rails with the 1-Up as well as not being in the middle of two rock formations.
  • The bounce spinners reappear in Sonic Generations for a mission at Sky Sanctuary.
  • In an early trailer of the game (shown at E3 2000), Sonic is shown in this level instead of Shadow.
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