20px I'm not dome with you yet. Sonic Wind! 20px
Sonic using Sonic Wind for the first time.

Sonic Wind is one of Sonic the Hedgehog's special moves in Sonic Adventure 2 and in its remake, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Unlike most of Sonic's other techniques, Sonic can only perform this move when he is played in the game's two-player mode and has gathered enough rings (He also uses it during his battle with Shadow the Hedgehog on-board the Space Colony ARK, but only as the final boss of the Dark Story). It is a current of wind Sonic creates to damage his opponent.


Gameplay-wise, in order to allow Sonic access to the Sonic Wind technique, he must be played in the game's two-player mode, where two players go up against each other in race to the Goal Ring.

To perform Sonic Wind, Sonic must collect at-least 40 rings. Once Sonic has collected enough rings, he can freely perform the Sonic Wind. When using it, Sonic will shout "Sonic Wind" and he forms a small blue cyclone that will wrap around his opponent, wherever the opponent is located, for then to enclose him and cause damage. This move is nearly impossible for the foe to escape, unless the other player is Metal Sonic, who can use his Black Shield to protect himself from these type of attacks or during Story Mode.

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