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Sonic chasing Shadow aboard the ARK.
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Sonic in Sonic Adventure.

Sonic the Hedgehog is the main character of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a blue talking hedgehog and can move faster than the speed of sound.


Early LifeEdit

Sonic became a world-renowned hero and enemies with Dr. Eggman. He also became friends with Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose and Knuckles the Echidna.

You've got the Wrong Hedghog!Edit

Sonic was racing around the world when he was imprisoned by G.U.N. for some reason. As he was being carried in a helicopter, Sonic managed to escape and used a part of it's wing to make a snowboard and escape. However, after he destroyed an F-61 Big Foot, he figured out what was going on: the military had mistaken Sonic for a look-alike called Shadow the Hedgehog. Sonic tried to take the Green Chaos Emerald Shadow had, but he used Chaos Control to escape and Sonic was captured by G.U.N., being put in prison on Prison Island.

Eventually, Amy arrived, having caught a ride with Tails. She freed him and he escaped toward the Metal Harbor. He then saw Shadow again and they broke into a fight. After Sonic bested him, Eggman contacted Shadow and told him to get off Prison Island before it blew up, alarming Sonic. He grabbed Amy and Tails quickly and escaped in the Tornado 3 before the island blew up.

However, when they returned to Central City, they saw Eggman use his new Eclipse Cannon to blow up half of the moon. Sonic guessed it was because of the Chaos Emeralds Eggman had collected and Tails came up with the plan of using the Yellow Chaos Emerald to find the six remaining Chaos Emeralds. The police arrived and tried to arrest them, but they escaped.

Three hours later, they traced a call between Eggman and the President to find Eggman on the Space Colony ARK. Knuckles guided them to Eggman's pyramid base and Sonic made Knuckles find the keys to unlock a door, when Eggman attacked them with his Egg Golem. Sonic managed to defeat it and make it attack Eggman, and they managed to use a space shuttle to reach the ARK, but Sonic lost the Master Emerald pieces so Knuckles crashed them on the ARK and he left.

Tails gave Sonic an Artificial Chaos Emerald and asked him to place it in the computer room. However, Tails sent a call to Sonic when he was about to place it in, leading him to find Eggman having kidnapped Amy. He tried to trick Eggman by handing over his fake Chaos Emerald, but Eggman saw through this and encapsulated him. He shot him into space, where it would explode. That's when Sonic realized he could induce a Chaos Control due to the fake emerald having the same wavelink and properties, using it to warp back onto the ARK. He then tried to destroy the Eclipse Cannon and his fight with Shadow damaged it.

Suddenly, the ARK began to shake when it started to fall toward the Earth. Sonic then teamed up with Rouge and Eggman to stop the ARK, arriving at the Cannon's Core. They encountered the Biolizard, the prototype of the Ultimate Life. To their suprise, Shadow arrives and distracts the Biolizard while Knuckles stops the Chaos Emeralds with the Master Emerald. However, the Biolizard warped to the Eclipse Cannon and becomes the FinalHazard, keeping the colony on it's crash course. Sonic and Shadow then use the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic and Super Shadow. They then defeat the FinalHazard and create a massive Chaos Control to keep the ARK from crashing.

However, this causes Shadow's energy to be drained and he fell to Earth, being presumed dead. Sonic survived and he brought Shadow's limiter rings to Rouge, knowing that Shadow was a brave and heroic hedgehog and he will never forget him. He sees some of Gerald's records about him creating the Ultimate Life Form before he returns home. Before leaving the ARK, he said the same words Maria said to Shadow: "Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog." and then left the ARK.

An old Rival's deadly returnEdit

Sonic was running through a canyon when Knuckles and Tails arrived in the Tornado 2, giving him a letter from Eggman that a new weapon would be ready in three days. Working together with Knuckles and Tails as Team Sonic and using the move Sonic Overdrive, Sonic raced toward Seaside Hill. In the Ocean Palace, they found Eggman in his Egg Hawk, and they managed to defeat it. However, Eggman escaped.

In Grand Metropolis, they defeated Eggman's robots but at the Power Plant, ran into Team Rose and Amy, much to Sonic's dismay. After they defeated them, they managed to escape into the Casino Park and defeated Eggman's Robot Carnival. They then made their way back to Rail Canyon, and managed to defeat Eggman's new Egg Albatross at the Bullet Station, but it was revealed to be a decoy Eggman set up while he launched his Egg Fleet. Enraged at this, Sonic raced toward the Frog Forest to stop Eggman. At the end of the Lost Jungle, they encountered Team Dark and learned that Shadow was still alive. Eventually, they made their way to the Hang Castle, where they boarded a ship from the Egg Fleet after defeating the Robot Storm.

After this, they managed to get aboard the Final Fortress, where they destroyed the Egg Emperor and used the Final Fortress' cannons to destroy the Egg Fleet. Sonic admitted he couldn't have won without Tails or Knuckles, when Amy arrived and tried to catch up to Sonic, so he rushed off.

Later, he discovered Neo Metal Sonic, Sonic's old rival who had imprisoned Eggman on the Final Fortress and imposered him to copy Sonic's data, which he combined with all the other teams' data and the power of the god Chaos to become Metal Madness and try to defeat Sonic. Sonic then revealed they had recovered the Blue Chaos Emerald prior to this time and Sonic insisted on taking on Metal on his own, but Tails and Knuckles wanted to go with him. Shadow and the other bought them time until Sonic transformed into Super Sonic and shared his power with Tails and Knuckles, granting them Super Shields. Team Super Sonic then defeated Metal Overlord with their enhanced Sonic Overdrive, Super Sonic Power.

Metal reverted to normal and Sonic challenged him to a future rematch, before running off with Tails and Amy following him. He later ran off with Tails and Knuckles on another adventure yelling "We're Sonic Heroes!".

Black InvadersEdit

Sonic is a hero character where he tries to stop the Black Arms from invading Westopolis. Thanks to Shadow, Westopolis is cleared of the Black Arms and he gets three Chaos Emeralds. Later, Sonic brings Shadow to the ARK, where they find the Black Comet. After defeating Blue Falcon, Shadow nearly turns on Sonic when he and Knuckles fight him and U78-X/D Diablon. However, they both eventually defeat Black Doom on the Black Comet.

Shadow then gets ahold of all the Chaos Emeralds, but Black Doom comes back and demands them. Sonic tries to get Shadow to give him the Chaos Emeralds, but Doom takes the Chaos Emeralds and warps the comet down to the surface using Chaos Control. Sonic is then frozen and left helpless in the final fight, but Omega frees them and they escape before Shadow destroys it.

Fighting, Friendship and "Fatherhood"Edit

While on a boring stroll, Sonic finds a robot called the Gizoid lying on the beach. As Sonic examines it, it starts to move. It tells Sonic to show his power, and Sonic displays some fighting moves, thus it forms a Link with him. Sonic then decides to take it to Tails to get it examined, but he runs into Shadow who demands that Sonic hands over the Gizoid, but he refuses. After defeating Shadow, Shadow tells Sonic to keep it from Eggman and leaves. As Sonic wonders about where Eggman fits in all this, Tails arrives and they take the robot to Tails’ Lab. On his way, Sonic meets Rouge who wants to team up with Sonic so that she can have the Gizoid, but she leaves after Sonic beats her in a fight. When arriving at Tails’ Lab, Sonic encounters an E-121 Phi and defeats it. Worried that Tails could be hurt, Sonic hurries to the lab and luckily finds Tails unharmed. Tails then reveals to Sonic that the Gizoid develops with each Chaos Emerald inserted into it and it can copy fighting moves. Thrilled by these revelations, Sonic decides to train it.

After some training, Sonic and Tails decides to go see if Knuckles has a Chaos Emerald and Sonic decides to name the robot Emerl. On the way they are attacked by Chaos Gamma which Sonic mistakes for Gamma, but they defeat it. When they arrive at Knuckles’, Knuckles mistakes Emerl for a Phi and tries to attack him. Sonic tries to explain the situation to Knuckles, but to no avail. After Emerl defeats Knuckles, Sonic receives his Chaos Emerald and they insert it into Emerl, who thanks Sonic afterwards and calls out for more battles, much to Sonic’s amazement.

Sonic continued training Emerl for a while, until Tails decided to take Emerl to Central City to fully examine him. When they return, Sonic learns from Tails and Rouge that Emerl is a weapon of mass destruction, which is the reason why Eggman wants him, but Sonic refused to believe it. Sonic suggested they could reprogram him, and Rouge says that they can reset Emerl by inserting all seven Chaos Emeralds into him and give him an unknown keyword. Sonic questions Rouge why she is helping them, and she answers that it is the best for the world (and herself) that Eggman did not get a hold of Emerl. Rouge then makes Sonic introduce her to Emerl by making him form a Link with her, but then suddenly leaves.

Sonic continues Emerl's training, but it is cut short when he sees Amy coming and runs away. He later returns and learns that Rouge had stolen Emerl, due to the earlier Link he formed with her. Sonic soon after finds Emerl with Rouge however, and engages her in battle, intending to protect Emerl and get him back. Rouge eventually surrenders Emerl to Sonic, as she thinks Emerl is more trouble than he is worth. After leaving for a while, Sonic learns that Emerl had been training with Knuckles and that Knuckles had been tricked by Eggman again.

Later on, Sonic and Emerl is approached by Amy again, who views Emerl as hers and Sonic’s “baby”. As Sonic faces Amy’s wrath about how Sonic has been raising Emerl, Emerl makes a bad choice of words and Sonic immediately runs off. He later returns to find Emerl with Amy, and she tells Sonic that he has no excuse for marrying her now, since she had helped raising Emerl. Sonic then tells Amy to close her eyes, but runs off once more once she closes them.

Sonic and Tails later leaves Emerl in Amy's and Cream’s care, as the two of them check out a lead on a Chaos Emerald, which turns out to be fake. Sonic is then contacted by Eggman who said that he held Cream and Emerl hostage, but because the two of them had escaped, Sonic did not believe him. He soon after sees Eggman captured in his own trap by Emerl and Cream on-screen, and heads out to pick the pair up.

Sonic is later approached by Shadow again. Sonic thinks that Shadow is here to capture Emerl, but it is not his intention. Shadow says that Emerl is close to awakening his full power, as he only needs one more Chaos Emerald and that he could bring the end of the world. Sonic, however, believes that Emerl would not do that, as he has a heart and explains that there is a way to reset Emerl, but Shadow merely brushes Sonic’s speech off. Sonic then gives up on trying to convince Shadow and lets him have Emerl, who just arrives, having been attracted by Shadow’s Chaos Emerald and Shadow restates his statement. Unshaken by this, Sonic lets Emerl go with Shadow, believing he will learn who he really is with Shadow’s help.

After being reset, Emerl comes to fight Shadow. However, Sonic arrives to give Emerl more of a challenge. After the fight, Emerl thanks Sonic and Shadow for all their help. Having seen that Emerl no longer needs him, Sonic tells Emerl to live his life to fullest on his own, but not before he tells him that his punches need some work.

Later, Sonic witnesses Eggman revealing the Death Egg with its Final Egg Blaster. The heroes decide to stop him, but since only one of them could be sent to the Death Egg and stop Eggman, Sonic suggested that Emerl should go, which he accepted.

Sonic witnesses Emerl defeating Eggman, but then Eggman fires the Final Egg Blaster and destroys some stars: This great display of power caused Emerl to revert to his original programming and Eggman tries to assume control over Emerl, but he knocks Eggman away and prepares to fire the Final Egg Blaster on the Earth. In order to stop Emerl, Sonic travels to the Death Egg with the Master Emerald, hoping to negate the Chaos Emeralds energizing inside of him, but Emerl smashes the Master Emerald upon seeing its light. Tails then tells Sonic that he can reverse Emerl’s programming by inflicting enough damage on Emerl, but it would destroy him in the process. Seeing no other choice, Sonic, with a heavy heart, engages Emerl in a high speed battle. Seeing the overwhelming strength of Ultimate Emerl, Sonic decides to fight at his full power and defeats the all-powerful Gizoid.

As he begins to break down, Emerl thanks Sonic and his friends for everything, but, in a rare chase of visual sadness, Sonic tries to assure Emerl that everything would be fine, but to no avail and Emerl disappears before Sonic’s eyes. Sonic then returns to the Earth and as he sees Cream crying over Emerl’s death, Sonic tells Cream that Emerl was still with them in the Emerald Shards. As Tails wonders if they would ever see Emerl again, Sonic assures them positively that they would.

Ascending without wingsEdit

A little while later, Team Sonic find themselves in Future City, as they search for a Chaos Emerald, but suddenly a group of thieves on Extreme Gear, called the Babylon Rogues, reveal themselves. Tails sees that the emerald is in their possession and Sonic runs off to intercept them. After Knuckles manages to knock Storm off his Gear, Sonic grabs his Gear and decides to give chase to the Rogues by riding Storm’s Extreme Gear himself. With some trouble, Sonic quickly grasps the control of the Extreme Gear, and goes after their leader, Jet the Hawk. After exchanging some blows, Sonic passes by Jet, but is then quickly blown off the Gear by Jet, and the Babylon Rogues escape. Sonic however, is thrilled to have found someone who can give him a challenge.

The next day, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles sees Dr. Eggman on the monitors announcing the EX World Grand Prix and that the price is the Chaos Emeralds, which serves as an entry feet. Sonic is initially suspicious about Eggman’s motives, but when he sees that the participants Dr. Eggman had rounded up are the Babylon Rogues, Sonic decides to enter.After the qualifications rounds, Sonic is not worried about Eggman plans, but then runs into Amy who had also signed up for the tournament, much to Sonic’s disappointment. Sonic then listens to Tails explaining the legends of the Babylon Rogues, how they lost their home island, Babylon Garden and its treasure, until Wave the Swallow comes by and mocks the Extreme Gear Tails had created (and places a bomb on it), and Sonic is disgusted by it. After some races, Sonic practices his Extreme Gear techniques, but is interrupted by Jet who mocks his attempts at mastering Extreme Gear before leaving. While Sonic is angered by this, he sees that Jet is a good Extreme Gear rider and that it is not a good idea to underestimate him. Tails then doubts the Extreme Gear he had made, but Sonic faithfully tells him not to worry.

At the final race, Sonic heads to the podium with Jet and their Chaos Emeralds. After receiving some final taunts from Jet, Sonic promises him that he would not lose and heads out to the race. After a difficult race, Sonic is about to win, but Wave detonates the bomb under Sonic’s Extreme Gear and causes him to lose. Jet then heads up to Sonic and tells him that the dirt suits him, which leaves Sonic outraged.

Sonic is then left witnessing Jet using the seven Chaos Emeralds in tandem with the Key to Babylon to reveal Babylon Garden itself, with the intension to claim its great treasure. Eggman however, steals the key so he can take the treasure for himself, believing it to be technology that he can use to conquer the world and Sonic and the gang heads out to stop him. When they arrive at Babylon Garden, Sonic is given a a new Extreme Gear by Tails and heads out catch Eggman, but is locked in a race with Jet who is after Eggman too. Seeing this as a rematch, Sonic tells Jet that he will show him what true speed really is. {C Sonic eventually beats Jet and corners Eggman, but stops when Eggman reveals that he is holding Amy hostage. Sonic, however, pulls out the same move on Jet used on him earlier and blows Eggman (and Amy) away, before handing the key to Jet, who sees this as an act of pity. As the Rogues heads in to claim the treasure, Sonic decides it is time to leave, but then has to face Amy, who is angry at him for endangering her with the moved he used on Eggman. After the Rogues heads into Babylon Garden however, Sonic hears a roar and decides to check it out. As he and the other arrive inside the Babylon Garden, Sonic sees the Babylon Guardian and is forced to fight it.

After beating the Babylon Guardian, Sonic and jet finds the Treasure of Babylon, which is revealed to be a Magic Carpet, much to the disappointment of Eggman, who had just arrived to steal it. With the whole ordeal over and with their rivalry more friendly, Sonic asks Jet if the Rogues are leaving, to which Jet agrees on, since there more treasure out there to find, and Sonic promises that he will be ready to race Jet next time they meet.

Defying GravityEdit

Later, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are riding in a car in Megalo Station, listening to news that MeteoTech robots have gone beserk for some reason. Sonic holds the meteorite Tails found the night before, when several SCR-GP robots attack them. They try to escape, when Sonic falls out of the exploding car. Suddenly, the Ark of the Cosmos causes gravity to keep him in the air. Sonic then uses it's power to escape and meet Amy, who also has an Ark of the Cosmos. They then decide to find the creator of MeteoTech to find out what's going on.

At MeteoTech, they are suddenly attacked, when the SCR-GPs don't go to them. Instead, they go after Jet and his friends, who Sonic and the others are suprised to see. They then find out Eggman created MeteoTech, but his Mother Computer has gone beserk because of an Ark of the Cosmos. The robots, who are following a leader, are trying to gather up the other Arks of the Cosmos. Suddenly, they see Amy and Storm fleeing from the robot SCR-HD.

When they arrive, they see that SCR-HD has blown up and Storm has taken it's Ark of the Cosmos. Knuckles then takes them to the Gigan Rocks, a place where no one has returned from alive. This makes Sonic very interested. When they reach the chalice, they learn that the Babylonians had the Arks of the Cosmos as engine parts for a spaceship, which Sonic guesses is Babylon Garden. They then see Jet and Eggman heading toward the Dark Desert and chase after them.

At Crimson Tower, they learn that Eggman stole all the Arks of the Cosmos they had in their posession and took them here, for the Eggmanland project again. After Sonic and Jet race to the top of Crimson Tower, Jet takes all the Arks of the Cosmos and Sonic leaves him, stating they will settle the score at the next World Grand Prix. However, Babylon Garden rises due to all five power units being at it's place...

Tails puzzles of why the Babylonians sealed the Ark of the Cosmos in the Gigan Rocks and Sonic is clueless when SCR-HD arrives and steals all the Arks of the Cosmos, taking them to Babylon Garden and transforming it into Astral Babylon. The black hole prepares to eat up the planet and Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Jet, Storm and Wave enter the Astral Babylon. There, they found SCR-HD, who has merged with the black hole to become Master Core: ABIS. Sonic defeats it and the black hole is destroyed, wrecking Babylon Garden.

Later, it is revealed that the Arks of the Cosmos had a program in them that made the robots try to gather up the other units. Sonic then hears Jet shout his name and races him once again.

Transcending Time and SpaceEdit

Later, Sonic visited Soleanna, the City of Water. When he got there, he found the Princess of Soleanna, Elise, under attack by Eggman. Sonic destroyed his Egg Gunners and escaped with Elise. However, Eggman distracted him with Egg Gunners and kidnapped Elise. However, Elise gave Sonic her Blue Chaos Emerald before Eggman retreated to the Egg Carrier, with Sonic promising to rescue her.

The next day, he met up with Tails and they chased after the Egg Carrier. However, they failed to catch up at the Wave Ocean and so they returned to Soleanna and learned of Eggman in the Dusty Desert, so they headed there. They rescued Elise and Sonic destroyed the Egg Cerberus. He then split up with Tails, taking Elise to a plain near Soleanna. He learned of the accident 10 years ago and gave her advice.

However, when they got back to Soleanna, they were attacked by Silver, who thought Sonic was responsible for destroying his future and needed to be destroyed in order to save it. Sonic beat him, but when he got close Silver knocked him into a wall when Elise was kidnapped by Eggman again. Silver knocked him back and was about to kill him when Amy protected him, allowing Sonic to escape. He and Tails then met up with Knuckles, who gave him a message from Eggman, telling him he needed to give him the Blue Chaos Emerald if he wanted Elise back.

Sonic then made his way to Eggman's White Acropolis base and proceeded with the trade, only for Eggman to use the Blue Chaos Emerald to power his time machine and send them into Silver's future. They then met up with the past Shadow and Rouge, who helped them in the future. In Crisis City, they sighted Silver and Blaze talking to Mephiles, who sent them back in time to the point when the Iblis Trigger, who he claimed was Sonic, was alive. Tails then discovered something shocking: Elise died when she was kidnapped by Eggman. They then met up with Shadow and Rouge, who had already found a Chaos Emerald. They then journeyed into the Flame Core, where they defeated Iblis and retrieved the Cyan Chaos Emerald, using it in a criss-cross Chaos Control to send them back to their own time, though it split them up. Sonic then found a newspaper, which made him look mysterious.

He then alone went to the train station, where Eggman's train crashed, but Sonic saved Elise. However, due to a close encounter with Silver again, Elise was kidnapped by Eggman again. Shadow then stepped in and held Silver off while Sonic rescued Elise by destroying the Egg Genesis. They then fled into the Tropical Jungle, where Sonic revealed that he would have to leave as soon as he defeated Eggman, which nearly made Elise cry, but Sonic told her to smile, keeping Iblis from being awakened. He then told her to head back to the castle.

However, when he returned, Tails told him that she had been forced to co-operate in order for her to stop him from bombing Soleanna. Sonic then chased Eggman into the Kingdom Valley, where he met Silver again. However this time, Silver was willing to help Sonic defeat Eggman and save Elise. However, the Egg Carrier's engines malfunctioned and caused it to crash, killing Eggman and Elise and awakened Iblis. However, Sonic and Silver used a criss-cross Chaos Control to send Sonic back to before Eggman threatened to bomb Soleanna, allowing Sonic to board the Egg Carrier and defeat the Egg Wyvern, rescuing Elise before it exploded. They then laughed.

However, on their way back to the castle, Mephiles blinded them with the Purple Chaos Emerald and then shot a Dark Chaos Lance that impaled Sonic in the back, killing him instantly. Upon realizing Sonic is dead, Elise burst into tears and awakened Iblis, allowing Mephiles to merge with him and recreate Solaris, creating the End of the World and sucked everyone into it. Everyone showed sadness at Sonic's death and when Silver came up with a plan to destroy Solaris, Shadow pointed out that with Sonic gone, they stood no chance at defeating Solaris.

However, Sonic's soul had yet to pass on from this point and he had released his spirit before dying, which allowed Elise to sense his presence. Realizing it was not too late, Tails, Omega, Knuckles, Silver, Rouge, Amy and Shadow gather up the Chaos Emeralds and Elise revives Sonic with a kiss. Sonic then transforms into Super Sonic and shares his power with Shadow and Silver, transforming them into Super Shadow and Super Silver. Sonic, Shadow and Silver then defeated Solaris and destroyed his consciousness, spiriting Sonic and Elise back to before the Solaris Project. Elise knew that if they blew out the Flame of Hope, Solaris would never be put into rage, but this would cause these events to be negated and Elise would never meet Sonic. She initially chose Sonic over the world, but Sonic told her to smile, making her put out the Flame of Hope and erasing the events.

However, despite the time reversion, Sonic still visits Soleanna to watch the Festival of the Sun, where his wind causes Elise's memory to strike. However, she eventually ignored it and Sonic watched as her feather floated away.

Racing with RivalsEdit

One day, Amy mysteriously disappears and Onyx Island appears out of nowhere. Sonic and Tails head to Onyx Island when Tails disappears too, and Sonic finds Eggman has turned them into cards. He and Knuckles race after him, having the Master Emerald being turned into a card as well. However, when they catch up, Eggman makes him fight his Egg Turtle.

After Sonic destroys it, he meets Silver for the first time (they still remember each other, but he hides this knowing Silver doesn't) and they race each other to the Colossseum Highway, where Eggman makes them fight his Egg Falcon. Silver then warps Sonic into the Sky Park, where he encounters Shadow. After he beats Shadow, he finds Eggman, but he reveals he has Metal Sonic waiting. Sonic beats him.

While puzzling of what Eggman meant of being the strongest and fastest, he finds Silver again. They then race to the Crystal Mountain where Sonic demands Tails' card back. Having created enough data so no one could stop him in the past, present or future, Eggman comes at him in the Egg Lynx, but Sonic comes out victorious. He then takes Tails' card and turns him back into the flesh, when Knuckles shows up. They then race.

They then end up in the Death Yard, where Eggman hits him again with a new and improved Metal Sonic, based on the data of the last battle. He beats it and Eggman enraged, having him fight both Metal Sonic and the Egg Kong. Sonic still wins and makes Eggman very angry, making him threaten to turn the entire planet into a card. Tails then brings Sonic and Knuckles to the Meteor Base in his new Tornado plane.

They then team up and with the help of Shadow, Sonic makes it to the center of the base, where he learns that Eggman is really Eggman Nega imposing as Eggman. He then tries to fit Amy's card into the camera (Sonic forgot about her) and turn it into energy to fuel it. Sonic and Shadow then destroy the Egg Destroyer and he retrieves Amy's card, putting her back in the flesh too and Silver turns Nega into a card. Amy thinks this is a sign that Sonic wants to marry her, but Sonic ditches her by looking for the other cards Eggman Nega had.


Tails calls Sonic to the Blue Coast Zone, because some Chao have disappeared and he thinks Eggman is behind it. Sonic wonders why Eggman would want Chao when Knuckles and Rouge arrive. Sonic learns that the Master Emerald has gone missing (again) and Knuckles has teamed up with Rouge to find it. He then runs, but Knuckles catches up. He then gets tired and they do a one-on-one. However, when Sonic says this, Knuckles is enraged, but Sonic beats him anyway. He then finds Eggman, but he claims to have nothing to do with the missing Chao. He then makes him fight the Egg Liner, which they destroy.

Eggman escapesinto the Sunset Forest Zone and Tails finds a page saying "The all powerful Ifrit..." and they split up. He then finds Silver, and they race. They then battle, not having time for games. They then find Eggman, questioning what he's up to if he doesn't have anything to do with the Chao. Eggman then attacks them with the Egg Crawler to take back their paper. Sonic and Silver destroy it.

However, Eggman makes it into the Neon Palalce Zone, where they find more pages, saying "The Ifrit held the power of destruction and the power to bind one's soul..." when they spot Shadow and Metal Sonic, which makes Sonic worried, knowing "whenever Metal Sonic's involved, it always means trouble.". They then follow them, with Sonic following Shadow while Tails goes after Metal Sonic. However, Shadow just claims he's looking for Knuckles and Rouge, but Sonic still wants to know what he wants with Knuckles and Rouge and why he's with Metal Sonic. Shadow then tries to knock him out, but Sonic wins. He then finds Eggman and makes them fight the Egg Dealer. Sonic challenges Shadow to see who can destroy it first and he wins.

He and Tails then head into the Frontier Canyon Zone. Tails finds another page from his book, saying "The Ifrit destroyed the entire..." when Knuckles and Rouge show up, still looking for the Master Emerald. They ask Sonic and Tails to get some Rings to fuel their Emerald Detector, and they agree. Sonic starts collecting Rings, not seeing Espio sneak up on him. He then snatches the Rings and Sonic runs after him. He then finds Eggman, and Eggman promises to tell them what's going on if they defeat his Egg Bull. Silver arrives and they both destroy it.

Eggman then reveals that a monster known as the Ifrit is about to be released into the world, and the portal to it's dimension exists within a mysterious mansion. Sonic and Tails chase him to the Mystic Haunt Zone, where they split up. Sonic then encounters a ghost in his own image and it chases him. It then changes into Tails and hits him. Sonic knocks it out and finds Eggman, but he assumes he's been posessed by a ghost. Their alternate selves beat them, and when they wake up they realize he's really Eggman Nega once again imposing as Eggman. They then destroy the Egg Phantom.

Eggman Nega disappears, but they find Chao sealed in a secret room. Sonic tells Tails to get them to a safe place, when the portal opens, but closing due to the actions of Shadow and Metal Sonic. They make their way in and get split up. He then runs after Eggman Nega before the door closes. However, the Ifrit awakens. Tails then falls under it's control, but Sonic defeats it and seals the Ifrit, only to fall under this control himself. Tails rescues him and they escape. Sonic assumes the Ifrit wasn't as strong as it was cracked up to be, but Tails says the Ifrit wasn't fully revived yet. They then head to the Chao Garden and take a break, despite Tails' protests to look for Eggman.

The Legendary Blue HedgehogEdit

Sonic was sleeping when he was awakened by Shahra the Ring Genie. She revealed the genie Erazor Djinn was erasing the stories of the Arabian Nights and she needed him to stop him. She then took him into the book and at Lost Prologue, they encountered Erazor. After learning that Shahra has not, and will not, collected him the seven World Rings, he shot a flaming arrow at Shahra and Sonic protected her, getting the Flame of Judgement on his chest. He then told him to gather up the seven World Rings before the flame extinquished, or he would die. He then went to destroy the life of King Shahryār.

Sonic and Shahra managed to find him in the Sand Oasis, although Sonic was suspicious of Shahryār because of his reassemblance to Eggman. Erazor then kidnapped Shahryār on a Pterosaur. They then ran after him, even encountering Ali Baba, an Arabian who reassembled Tails. They then managed to save him at the Dinosaur Jungle, and he revealed Erazor was heading toward a castle. At the Evil Foundery, they watched as Erazor unleashed an Ifrit Golem and revealed that with only half of the Flame of Judgement left, only half of his life force remained. The Ifrit was invulnerable to Sonic's attacks due to his life being tied to the flame, so they froze time with Time Break and went back to Ali Baba for help. He said his friend Sinbad the Sailor would be able to help, but he had been kidnapped by a Rukh. They managed to free him, although Sonic temporaily got confused because of his reassemblance to Knuckles, but he told them his Water Blue World Ring had been taken by some pirates.

They then made their way into the Pirate Storm, where they defeated Captain Behmoth and retrieved the Blue World Ring. Ali Baba then arrived and warned them that the Ifrit's power to burn the book was getting stronger. They then raced back to the Evil Foundery and used the World Ring to defeat it. It then dropped a time bomb, but Sonic was able to throw it away and realized the Red World Ring was inside it and it was full of rage.

They then headed into the Skeleton Dome, where they tried to find King Solomon. However, he had been skinned by the 40 Thieves, so they recovered his body. They found the White World Ring and he told them all the Rings would open the door to Erazor's palace, so they collected them and opened the door to the Night Palace. The Flame of Judgement was reduced to a quater, when Shahra explained that Erazor was sealed in a lamp for misdeeds years ago, but was released after furfilling the wishes of 1,000 people.

They then find Erazor and defeat him, but he takes the World Rings and attempts to sacrifice Sonic, but Shahra protects him and dies, which causes Erazor to mutate into a hideous, incomplete, six armed tyrant called Alf-Layla-wa-Layla. Luckily, Sonic is filled with rage which causes the Green, Red and Purple World Rings to be absorbed into him because they are filled with the emotions Hatred, Rage and Sadness, making him transform into Darkspine Sonic. He then defeats Erazor and reveals Shahra gave him his Magic Lamp when they retrieved the Purple World Ring and it reverted to normal when she died. He then uses it to make Erazor revive Shahra, restore the Arabian Nights and then imprison him in it again. Shahra cries, but Sonic wishes for a mountain of hankerchiefs, allowing her to cry for as long as she needs.

He then goes on many adventures with Sinbad and Ali before returning to his own world.

Becoming a KnightEdit

Sonic organizes a date with Amy, when he is summoned to King Arthur's timeline by Merlina the Wizard. He tries to kill the Black Knight, but Merlina stops him, revealing King Arthur had been given the Scabbard of Excalibur by Nimue, Lady of the Lake which caused him to become the Black Knight and immortal, as well as evil. Sonic then retrieves Caliburn the Sword from Misty Lake, but it has a mind of it's own and gets on Sonic's nerves. They also lose to the Black Knight due to Sonic's inexperience and Caliburn's bluntness and learns that they must get advice from Nimue, the Lady of the Lake first.

However, Caliburn's edge has grown plunt and they decide to have him sharpened first. Sonic suddenly notices Merlina holding a withering flower, when she reveals that she must stay behind. They then find the Blacksmith, who Sonic temporaily mistakes for Tails. After he sharpens Caliburn, they head to Nimue's lake when they encounter Sir Lancelot. After defeating him, Sonic takes Arondight, the sacred sword. They meet Nimue and Sonic nearly runs away due to her reassemblance to Amy, but Caliburn corrects him and she has him do her tests before she tells him how to counteract the Scabbard's power.

They then encounter a girl who's family has been kidnapped by a dragon. Sonic agrees to help her despite Caliburn's protests and frees the entire village, while defeating Sir Gawain and retrieving the sword Flameburge. He returns from returning the village home when he realizes the girl was really Nimue testing him. She tells him all he has to do is retrieve the last sacred sword from the knight Sir Percival, which he does by chasing her to a flaming wasteland and defeating her. She falls off a cliff, but Sonic saves her and is made a full knight. After he takes Laevatein, Merlina appears and reveals that the Black Knight is waiting at an island known as Avalon and she shall be waiting for him at Camelot Castle.

He successfully manages to hinder the Scabbard of Excalibbur's power and then slices the Black Knight, knocking him down. However, he disappears in a puff of smoke, just like one of the Knights of the Underworld and leaves the Scabbard behind. Sonic takes it to Merlina, who reveals that Aurthur was just an illusion and part of her plot to rule the Grand Kingdom using the Dark Hollow. Sonic then works with Lancelot, Gawain and Percival by giving them their sacred swords back and using them to form a barrier around Camelot Castle. He then heads into the Dark Hollow, only to recieve a massive beating from Merlina and cutting Caliburn in two. However, Sonic refuses to give up and transforms into Excalibur-Sonic, while Caliburn transforms into the true Excalibur.

Excalibur-Sonic then beats The Dark Queen and gives Merlina a rose, explaining that every world had to end and they became friends. Caliburn then revealed that Sonic was the true King Arthur, suprising everyone, even Sonic. Despite this new title, Sonic returns home only to be confronted by Amy, who claims his story was just an excuse for missing their date.

Rise of the BrotherhoodEdit

Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy defeat Eggman on his new Egg Carrier and make it crash into Metropolis, Eggman's headquaters. With Eggman presumed dead and no reason to be a hero anymore, Sonic leaves on a world tour. Some time later, Tails calls Sonic and reports that Knuckles and the Chaos Emeralds have gone missing. Sonic realizes that the animals in the Green Hill Zone have gone mad for some reason and rendevous with Amy, when they find a security drone. Tails wonders if it's one of Eggman's robots and they race ahead, only to run into a Marauder. They break into a fight, but the Marauder teleports away.

They then head into Central City and rendevous with Tails, who explains that the Marauders stole the last Chaos Emerald and kidnapped Knuckles when they encounter a SWATbot and destroy it. Tails confirms that it is one of Eggman's robots and they head to the GUN Fortress with Rouge. The GUN Commander then advises them to first seek out Knuckles first and reveals the Marauders have been hiding out in Eggman's old hideouts. However, none of them are hiding Knuckles. However, Tails does recover some gadgets which lead them to a Marauder base in the Mystic Ruins. With the help of Big, they rescue Knuckles and he reveals they captured him after they overpowered Tails' trap.

They then decide to work together, but when they leave Knuckles' Prison they learn a shocking discovery: Angel Island is gone. Convinced this is Eggman's doing, they use the trackers to find him. They recover Eggman Devices from a shopkeeper, a broken robot, a little boy, robotocized animals and Shadow, also meeting up with Cream. They then find Eggman in the Green Hill Zone, only to learn that he is against the Marauders as well. He claims to have reformed and the Marauders are using the Chaos Emeralds to pull the Master Emerald to Metropolis, their headquaters.

Tails and Eggman then use the Tornado to reach the Blue Ridge Zone and learn that Shadow is looking for E-123 Omega. They work together, but Shade the Echidna blocks their way by caving the path in. They then use a secret door to enter the Underground and split up. Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Cream head to the airships and board before they take off. They take control of the ship, but the Marauders destroy their cannon. Luckily, Tails fires Eggman's old cannon to destroy the fleet, when they are shot down by a cannon on Angel Island. There, they meet Ix, the leader of the Marauders, the Nocturnus.

They lose to him, but all the Marauders are sent to where they came from by Tails and Eggman. Ix knocks Shade off Angel Island for defyying him and then steals the Master Emerald, causing Angel Island to fall into Metropolis. With Shade's help, they retrieve a Dimensional Buffer from an Egg Bot and enter the Twilight Cage using the new Cyclone. However, Eggman stays behind...

In the Twilight Cage, they arrive at the Kron Colony, when Kron attack them. It is revealed that they think they are Nocturnus goons, but are not. They work together, take back the factory and retrieve the Red Chaos Emerald, and run into some Gizoids. They then leave and head to N'rrgal Colony, where the N'rrgal claim them Zoah goons. Their queen allows them to go to the Zoah Colony and take a Chaos Emerald.

However, they are shot down as soon as they arrive, where they decide to take on General Razos. They meet a salesman called Haiman, who is selling charms to keep a "Night Stalker" away. They then find Raxos, who makes them fight his champion, Commander Syrax to see if they are worthy. After he does this, Sonic fights Raxos one-on-one and wins, getting a Cyan Chaos Emerald. He then exposes Haiman for his crimes because of the "Night Stalker" being fake. They then get the other Cyan Chaos Emerald from the N'rrgal Queen and leave.

They then head toward the Voxai Colony Beta, where the Voxai are hypnotized by the Overmind. One of them, Thebes, tells them to turn back, until they reveal they are looking for the Chaos Emeralds, which have been turned into Great Emeralds. They then defeat Thelxe and enter Voxai Colony Alpha. However, all of them except for Sonic, Cream, Omega and Big fall under the control of Leucosia, Ligaia and Riadne. Sonic then defeats them and clear all the minds from the Overmind's control. They then turn the Great Emeralds back into the Pink and Yellow Chaos Emeralds, leaving.

They then locate the last two Chaos Emeralds on the Nocturne, but no one can get there without Ix's permission so they gather all their friends and together break the forcefield around the Nocturne, giving them enough time to enter in the Cyclone. They encounter the Prefect Gizoid twins, Charyb and Scylla, who both have Chaos Emeralds. Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream and Big chase Charyb and get trapped in a Dungeon. However, Knuckles drains out to water, allowing them to defeat Charyb and obtain the Purple Chaos Emerald.

They then find Ix and Knuckles, who reveal they had to adapt in the Twilight Cage to survive. They then fight and Sonic defeats him twice. However, he summons the power of the Nocturne and the Master Emerald to become Super Ix, exceeding their limits. However, Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic and defeat Ix, taking the Master Emerald. They then return to their world, only to find they have been gone several years and Eggman has already rebuilt his Eggman Empire while they've been gone. They defeat him in an untold story.

Racing againEdit

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles enter the second World Grand Prix for fun, and Omachao sneaks an interview with them, although Tails tells him to take enough time to tune his gear up because he always leaves all the tech work to him. Sonic also assumes that Eggman is behind i t, when he realizes they have to go up against Team Rose, and Knuckles agrees that it won't even be a fair fight. Sonic wins the first race in Dolphin Resort, but Amy scolds Sonic for not going easy on her, as she is a "lady". He has Tails and Knuckles back him up and after Tails and Sonic complete the resort, Amy says that it's his fault they lost and he needs to take her on a date.

Later, they go up against Team Dark in the Frozen Forest. Omachao notices that their robot friend E-10000B looks familiar, but the race goes on, with Tails and Knuckles racing. However, Knuckles is agitated at E-10000B because of these "wierd sounds" he was making, but Omachao had no recordings and Sonic and Tails didn't hear or see anything. Sonic then wins and leaves them speechless.

Unsuprisingly to Sonic, he sees Jet in the finals. They have a big feud, where Omachao gets into it and they then race in Magma Rift. Sonic wins due to Jet losing power and then they have a revenge match, where Sonic wins fair and square. They then tell Omachao he feels incredible and tracks Jet down, making up on good terms.

However, King Doc dupes them, giving them a final final round in Final Factory, where it was revealed that he was really Dr. Eggman. They co-operated with E-10000B returning to the track and Sonic won, leaving Eggman's "ultimate gear-jocky" robot in ruins, on the scrap heap. Eggman then revealed he had been using the E-10000 to record their racing data and create the fastest Extreme Gear. However, Sonic wins and to everyone's suprise, Metal Sonic emerges from E-10000B, revealing he had taken the data for himself and passed fake info onto Eggman. Sonic then accepts Metal Sonic's challenge to the rematch he had promised long ago.

A Colourful AdventureEdit

Sonic and Tails take Eggman's Ultra-Accelerating Space Elevator to the Tropical Resort, because Sonic is sure Eggman is plotting something, although Tails in dboutful. Sonic's assumation is proven right when he sees his robots Orbot and Cubot trying to capture two Wisps. He saves them and absorbs a Cyan Wisp, transforming into the Cyan Laser, popping out of Tails and a White Wisp. He saves Cream, Cheese the Chao and a Chao and then he then finds Eggman and makes up the joke of calling him "nothing" after he says that nothing will stop him. He then defeats the Rotatron and finds a map of the planets in Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, rendevousing with Tails. He reveals the aliens' name is Yacker and his people are in danger.

They then head to the Sweet Mountain, helping Blaze and Silver before he finds a generator, guarded by Captain Jelly. He beats it and levels the generator, with Tails telling him that the Wisps have a really powerful energy called Hyper go-ons inside them like a battery that Sonic only got a taste of and Eggman is draining it from them to use for an evil purpose. Sonic then journeys into the Starlight Carnival, helping Knuckles and Rouge when Eggman uses his Mind Control Cannon to control Tails and make him fight Sonic, but he reverts to normal when Eggman runs out of juice. He then beats the Frigate Orcan and realizes that Eggman is holding Planet Wisp next to his amusement park to gather them up. He then races toward it.

He realizes Eggman is transforming Planet Wisp into part of his theme park and the Wisps are freaked out. He then helps Team Chaotix, defeats the Refreshinator and levels it's generator. However, he is caught talking to it's wrecks by Tails, leaving him embarassed. He then uses the transformations Yellow Wisp, Blue Cube, Green Hover, Pink Spikes, Orange Rocket and Red Burst, goes to the Aquarium Park, helps Amy and Big, defeats the Admiral Jelly and levels the generator, before heading toward the dangerous Asteroid Coaster, where Eggman converts the aliens into the Purple Frenzy and Violet Void. He helps Shadow and Omega discover the plans on Project: Mother and then defeats the Frigate Skullian.

He levels the generator and return to the Tropical Resort, thinking they have won. However, Eggman still has one trick up his sleeve: firing a giant Mind Control Cannon at Earth to make it fall under his control. However, the arm from the previously defeated Rotatron causes it to backfire, destroying the park. Sonic and Tails race back to the space elevator down Terminal Velocity and Sonic pushes Tails into it before defeating the Nega-Wisp Armor and racing down it. He fails, but the Wisps save him and drop him back at Earth before it explodes and Yacker leaves, teleporting the planets to where they belong.

Later, they find Yacker, with a giant roar in the background. Tails translates him to say his mother is near. They follow him, finding the Nega-Mother Wisp. Yacker begs Sonic to save his mother and Sonic agrees. He transforms into Super Sonic and beats her, reverting her back into Mother Wisp. Sonic then learns she created Planet Wisp and is the mother of all the Wisps. They then head home.

Déjà Blue; Having a Blast with His Past!Edit

Sonic arrives at a picnic when it is revealed it is a birthday party for him and Tails gives him a Chili Dog, with Sonic saying it is great. Suddenly, the Time Eater appears out of nowhere and kidnaps all of his friends, knocking Sonic unconscious. He then finds himself in the White Space and heads through the Green Hill, rescuing Tails. He wonders why Green Hill looks so familiar and Tails has him go to the Chemical Plant, where they both think it looks familar.

Sonic then heads to the Sky Sanctuary, where he rescues Knuckles and finds a Boss Gate, where he finds Classic Sonic. However, he mistakes it for a mirror until he hears Eggman talking and Classic Sonic races after him. He fails to make it and waits until he comes out with Tails and Classic Tails. They then realize they are travelling through time and space because of the Time Eater when it flies by. They then chase after it.

After making it through Speed Highway and City Escape and saving Cream, Cheese and Rouge, Sonic finds Shadow and defeats him in Final Rush, retrieving the Yellow Chaos Emerald. He then meets Tails, Classic Sonic and Tails, who reveal that time heals itself when the Sonics race through time. Sonic then finds himself in a flooded Station Square and facing an insane Perfect Chaos. He takes the Blue Chaos Emerald and groups with the others again, when they learn that the Time Eater dislikes the Chaos Emeralds and they need all seven.

After saving Blaze in Crisis City, Sonic defeats Silver and takes his White Chaos Emerald. He then saves Charmy on Planet Wisp and beats Classic Sonic to the Red Chaos Emerald after it is restored. He then defeats the Egg Dragoon in Eggmanland and is suprised to find Eggman inside it with the Cyan Chaos Emerald. The Time Eater kidnaps Eggman again, leaving the group puzzled.

Sonic then find out that the Time Eater is actually a mechanical force controlled by both Eggman and Classic Eggman. They are defeated, but everyone comes and cheers them on, where the seven Chaos Emeralds transform them into Super Sonic and Classic Super Sonic. They then destroy the Time Eater and return to their own era, with everyone enjoying Sonic's Birthday. Classic Sonic and Tails then go home, with Sonic calling to Classic Sonic to enjoy his future "it's gonna be great".

Sonic XEdit

In Sonic X, Sonic's fear of water is even more present than in the videogames.

A Brand New WorldEdit

In Chaos Control Freaks, Sonic tries to rescue Cream and Cheese from Eggman's Base and stop Eggman from using the Chaos Emeralds to make an invincible energy amplifier. However, his E-13 Guardbot breaks the amplifier when Eggman starts it, causing a massive Chaos Control to send Sonic, Cream, Cheese, Tails, Eggman, Knuckles and Amy to Earth. Sonic then meets Christopher Thorndyke and he rescues Cream and Cheese from Area 99 with aid from Tails in the Tornado 2. He saves Station Square from E-23 Missile Wrist in Missile Wrist Rampage and then finds Amy and Knuckles, but only Amy stays with them at Chris' while Knuckles goes solo.

They then are forced to hide out at Chris', but they also search for the Chaos Emeralds, as they could help them return home. Sonic successfully retrieves the first one in Chaos Emerald Chaos, but loses the second one to Eggman in Unfair Ball. In Beating Eggman Part 1 and 2, he learns that the President has decided to take action against Eggman. He then goes after Chris, Amy, Tails and Frances in the X-Tornado, but unfortunatly, Eggman escapes with the third Chaos Emerald. Sonic then heads to his first base and destroys E-18 Guerra-Hard and takes the two Chaos Emerald. Sonic then becomes a well-known hero around the world.

However, in Skirmish in the Sky, Eggman attacks Station Square with his new E-40 Egg Fortress. Sonic manages to successfully destroy it, but he comes back at them in the next episode with his E-57 Clurken after they retrieve the fourth Chaos Emerald. Later, Eggman sucessfully retrieves the sixth Chaos Emerald after Knuckles retrives the fifth. In A Dastardly Deed and Countdown to Chaos, Eggman tricks Knuckles and Chris into handing over their five Chaos Emeralds while his E-77 Lucky retrieves the seventh in a pile of garbage. Luckily, Lucky aids Sonic and hands over his Chaos Emerald, so Eggman transforms the Egg Fort II into the E-99 Eggsterminator. Sonic is beaten, and falls into the ocean. Rouge then drops the six Chaos Emeralds into the ocean which transforms Sonic into Super Sonic and he then destroys the Eggsterminator. However, Sonic does Chris a favor and only uses Chaos Control to bring pieces of their planet into Chris'.

Fighting For EarthEdit

Sonic lives on Angel Island, until The Begininng of Disaster, where Eggman attacks Station Square with his water god Chaos. He watches as he transforms Chaos into Chaos 2 and they then head off to keep the monster from transforming by finding the emeralds first. Tails and Sonic lose the Green and Blue Chaos Emeralds to Chaos 4 and they then are shot down by a cannon on the Egg Carrier. Amy is abducted by E-100 Alpha, "Zero", and they chase him to the Egg Carrier, crashing. Sonic rescues Amy and defeats Chaos 6, and is forced into the Mystic Ruins.

Sonic then finds the Final Egg and destroys the Egg Viper, meeting Tails. They then find Eggman, who has been knocked out by Chaos going rouge. He leaves when Sonic and Knuckles are shown the image of Tikal the Echidna 1000 years ago. Chaos then eats all the Chaos Emeralds and transforms into Perfect Chaos, wrecking Station Square. Tikal, Cream, Amy, Big, Knuckles, Eggman and Chris bring all the Chaos Emeralds to Sonic and he uses them to transform into Super Sonic and defeat Chaos, reverting his evil path. He also plays a part in the role of the adaption of Sonic Adventure 2, from The Mystery of Project Shadow to Maria's Request, Everyone's Request.

In The Chaotix Detective Agency, Vanilla the Rabbit joined them and Eggman transformed the moon into the Egg Moon. In Eggman Corporation and We Can See the Light, Eggman trapped the Egg Moon in a solar eclipse, blackmailing people into buying his Sunshine Balls and falling under his control. Sonic destroyed the Reflection Towers, but no one realized this was for the good until he explained. They stopped Eggman and restored the light, putting him in prison.

Later, Cream finds Emel in their backyard after being dumped by Bokkun and they work together. However, Eggman escapes from prison in Huge Home Electronics and causes trouble. In Sonic Battle - Face Off!! and Sonic Battle - Finale!!, Sonic enters a tournament but leaves after learning he has to go against Amy. Emel then absorbs the Red Chaos Emerald and goes insane, so Cream is forced to destroy him. They later have to go home when their planets are merging together and will only stop if they leave.

However, Chris keeps Sonic home and says goodbye at his parents' old summerhouse. Sonic then transforms into Super Sonic and goes home in time to save Tails from Eggman's Grand Egg Imperial. He then gives Amy a rose and promises to never leave her.

Universal RoamingEdit

In A Cosmic Call, Sonic is knocked to Earth after sending the Chaos Emeralds away in combat with Dark Oak. It has been six motnths since they left Earth, but six years back on Earth. Cosmo the Seedrian calls Sonic to help stop the Metarex, but he doesn't have the Chaos Emeralds. After Chris warps there, they take off on the Blue Typhoon and Sonic is used as a targeton source for the Sonic Power Cannon. They sucessfully retrieve the Blue and Green Chaos Emeralds while Eggman uncovers the Red and Purple Chaos Emeralds and teams up with Shadow. In Station Break-In, they uncovered the Yellow and Cyan Chaos Emeralds, but encountered Dark Oak and Red Pine. They were flung into a black hole in A Metarex Melee, but escaped alive.

Cosmo was suspected a Metarex spy by Shadow due to her having a camera bot in her brain, but co-operated until A Fearless Friend, where she had to be sacrificed in order to stop Final Nova. In So Long Sonic, Chris returned home without anyone seeing, but Sonic watched. He and the others then declared war on Eggman and Sonic flew off on the X-Tornado saying "Life never stays slow around he for long: thank goodness! Watch out Eggman, I'm coming at ya, full speed!".

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