Space Colony ARK is the first Spherical Space Colony, created by Professor Gerald Robotnik.


The ARK was created by Gerald Robotnik, as the very first Spherical Space Colony. He used it as his reaserch center and was where he treated Maria. Eventually, G.U.N. found the Biolizard and shut it down along with Project: Shadow. This resulted in the deaths of Maria and Gerald himself.

Sonic Adventure 2Edit

50 years after this event, Shadow, the very first successful creation of Gerald was released by Gerald's grandson, Dr. Eggman. He then showed Eggman the Eclipse Cannon and how once they collected all the Chaos Emeralds it would prove as the ultimate weapon. Eggman demonstrated it's power by blowing up half of the moon and then implanted the Yellow Chaos Emerald in it, only for the ARK to begin to fall toward the Earth in an attempt to destroy that planet as Gerald wished. However, it was stopped by Super Sonic and Super Shadow.

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

The ARK was taken in control by the Black Arms. Black Doom then used the Eclipse Cannon to destroy Central City. Sonic and Shadow later head toward it where Eggman and the Black Arms are waiting, along with the GUN Commander. After Shadow defeats them all, he and Sonic leave for the Black Comet. Team Chaotix later sabotage it and unlock a secret message from Gerald, revealing the Eclipse Cannon is the only weapon that can destroy the Black Comet. Super Shadow later warps the comet into space, where the Eclipse Cannon destroys it and then he takes reside on it after this.

Sonic GenerationsEdit

The ARK proves as a place area for the battle scenes of Final Rush and Cannon's Core, along with Shadow and the Biolizard.


  • Perhaps coincidentally, the front of the ARK resembles the face of Gerald Robotnik (and by proxy, Doctor Eggman).
  • The ARK, particularly the Eclipse Cannon was influenced by the Death Star, a space station that appeared in the Star Wars movies, although the way the Cannon operated (as well as its destruction of Central City and the White House) was more similar to the city-destroyers from "Independence Day". Eggman's earlier space station, the Death Egg, was also influenced by the Death Star.
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