20px A super-dimensional being... Heh. This may even be a fair fight! 20px
Super Shadow upon attacking Solaris in the End of the World.

Super Shadow after beating Devil Doom in Shadow the Hedgehog 2005.

Super Shadow is a powered-up form of Shadow the Hedgehog, created out of the combined energy of the seven Chaos Emeralds.


Early transformationEdit

When first using his super form, Shadow isn't suprised of his form, possibly meaning Gerald Robotnik collected all the Chaos Emeralds after Black Doom's visit and did a prototype test run on Shadow, transforming him into Super Shadow. He was then changed back.

Assumed deathEdit

50 years later, the Biolizard linked with the Space Colony ARK, keeping it on it's crash course to Earth. Shadow then teamed up with Sonic the Hedgehog and transformed into Super Shadow. Super Shadow and Super Sonic then battled the FinalHazard, with Super Shadow using his Super Shadow Boost. They then used Chaos Control to stop the ARK, but Super Shadow lost his power and fell to Earth, losing his Inhibitor Rings.

Dealing with the DevilEdit

When Black Doom teleported into the Black Comet, he left the seven Chaos Emeralds behind, which allowed Shadow to transform into Super Shadow and fight him. It was a tough fight due to Devil Doom being able to teleport away with Chaos Control and leaving him powered-up Chaos Spear useless, but Shadow was eventually able to freeze time with Chaos Control and launch his Chaos Control-powered Chaos Spear at Devil Doom, causing him to fall. He then teleported the Black Comet into space using Chaos Control where the Eclipse Cannon destroyed it. Super Shadow then teleported onboard the ARK and transformed back into Shadow.

In TimeEdit

Shadow transformed into Super Shadow along with Super Silver after Super Sonic shared his power with him. Super Shadow then fought Solaris in the past and destroyed it's second form. He then landed and was erased of the form.

Sonic XEdit

In Sonic X, Super Shadow plays the same role as before. The only difference is that Super Shadow loses his Inhibitor Rings, which is what causes him to lose power. In A Metarex Melee, Shadow transforms into Super Shadow again and fights Super Sonic aboard the Metarex fortress. However, they create a Chaos Control and this merges with the Metarex's gravity field and creates a black hole. Shadow then jumps on the Crimson Egg and teleports the Crimson Egg and himself away from harm. However, this causes Shadow to be unable to maintain his super form and drops the Chaos Emeralds, and they scatter around the galaxy all over again.

In A Fearless Friend, Shadow transforms into Super Shadow yet again with the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds. However, they are powerless to punch through the Metarex's force field. Blossemed Cosmo then breaks forward and Sonic and Shadow are shot in the Sonic Power Cannon to destroy the Metarex's base. However, Shadow and Sonic use Chaos Regeneration to save Cosmo. Shadow then punches Sonic and removes his limiter rings, creating a Chaos Control that makes him disappear.

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