Supporting Me is the theme of Biolizard in Sonic Adventure 2. It was performed by Everett Bradley. This song plays in the background during the battle between Shadow the Hedgehog and Biolizard. Like many of Shadow's stage and boss BGM's with lyrics, the lyrics can be hard to understand.

This song appears as a remix in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations when fighting Biolizard as Modern Sonic in the Cannon's Core. In the 3DS version, the lyrics are notably much clearer.


I'm gonna be desperate,

Never lose, hurry, never lose, hurry.

I believe in my future, farewell to the shadow,

It was my place to live, but now I need your hand.

Lead me out with your light, I have breathed in,

The disgusting air of darkness, but I never lose out.

To the pressure, everything's just like,

An illusion, I'll be losing you, before long...

I never lose my confidence,

I know you were supporting me,

Supporting me, supporting me,

I'll be losing to you before long

Connection to Character/BossEdit

  • Never lose, hurry, never lose, hurry. - Shadow and Sonic hurrying to stop the Space Colony ARK and Shadow being unable to lose.
  • I believe in my future, farewell to my shadow. - Shadow knowing he has to save Earth.
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