The Tornado 3 is Tails' third Tornado plane. Unlike the previous Tornados, it is a monoplane, and carries a large missile launcher behind the single seat. Most notably, the Tornado 3 can transform into a walker mode and a car mode. The walker was Tails' main mode of transportation and offense in the game, and was called the "Cyclone". The Cyclone was armed with a lock-on missile launcher very similar to that of E-102 Gamma along with a powerful gun known as the Volkan Cannon. It could also be upgraded with several new features, including the Laser Blaster, which increased the firing radius and missile explosion sizes, the Booster which allowed the Cyclone to slowly float downwards and hover for short periods, and the Bazooka which makes the Volkan Cannon stronger.

In Sonic Adventure 2, it was used to fly from Station Square to Prison Island and later to get from Central City to Eggman's secret base. In the rest of the game, it is as the Cyclone until it is destroyed when Tails defeats Eggman.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, Tails finds the White Chaos Emerald and uses it to power his ship until it is shot down by Eggman's defenses in the Circus Park and is destroyed again.

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