White Jungle is the ninth level in the Dark Story and Shadow's third stage in Sonic Adventure 2


After placing Eggman’s bomb and setting the timer for ten minutes, Shadow listens to Rouge speaking of being locked inside Security Hall with the Chaos Emeralds after destroying R-1/A Flying Dog and was too humiliated to find a way out. After Shadow parallels Maria and Rouge, he can’t help but want to save her. He cuts through the jungle at high speed regardless of his wish to destroy everything and everyone.


The part of the jungle island seems cold, and is full of mist in the air. It's music is full of beat, and the song is in fact called Rhythm and Balance.

In Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for the GameCube, rain was added into the level.

The theme song for the level is "Rhythm And Balance".


The upgrade in this level is the Air Shoes. It is required to beat the game.


  • White Jungle is the alternative for Green Forest in the Hero Storyline.
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